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Many times, people with sagging cheeks and deep folds around the nose and mouth look unhappy, even if that’s not how they feel inside. For residents of Orange County, a facelift is not always necessary, and often a modified version of the procedure known as the “mid-facelift” is the best option.

Though a mid-facelift from our Orange County surgical staff won’t keep you looking young forever, the procedure can slow down the aging process, improving the most visible signs of aging by tightening underlying muscles, removing excess fat and re-draping skin of the face and neck. At the Newport Beach and Long Beach locations of CosmetiCare, our plastic surgery specialists understand that achieving the look you want can help you live the life you want. Learn more when you request a consultation with one of our surgeons.

What Is the Difference between a Facelift and a Mid-Facelift?

While a traditional facelift targets several problem areas of the face, it does not address the area between the two corners of the eyes and the corner of the mouth. In contrast, the mid-facelift focuses on this region by targeting the face’s deeper layers, repositioning underlying fat and muscle to pull the face from the cheeks up for a more natural look. Your CosmetiCare surgeon can lift cheek fat up onto the cheekbones, creating a more youthful appearance and softening deep folds of the face.

Mid-facelift can be easily performed with other facial procedures such as faceliftforehead lift, and lower eyelid lift. Many of these procedures can be done utilizing the same incision site.

Am I a Candidate?

Women and men from all walks of life have chosen this procedure, including:

  • Those who may have a deep fold on the sides of the nose.
  • Those who wish to have a more well-defined or chiseled jawline.
  • Those who have deep wrinkles in the cheeks and feel that their cheeks have drooped over time.

How Will I Look & Feel Afterward?

  • Like a traditional facelift, ComsetiCare patients can expect swelling, bruising, discoloration and some discomfort during the first two weeks. Swelling and bruising will vary with each patient.
  • Stitches are removed within a week and a half, but strenuous activity is not allowed in the first six weeks.
  • The results of the surgery last approximately 5 to 10 years with minimal or no scarring, no hair loss, minimal numbness and a fast recovery. However, the results vary by person, taking into consideration a person’s age, their skin type and condition, and the amount of skin removed.
  • Some patients choose to return several years later for small “touch up” procedures.

Request a consultation online to learn more or to schedule your mid-facelift in Orange County. With convenient locations in Long Beach and Newport Beach, CosmetiCare makes it easy to look your best in Southern California.

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