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Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a "nose job," is a surgical procedure aimed at enhancing the appearance and function of the nose. It involves reshaping the nasal structure to achieve a more harmonious and balanced facial profile, addressing aesthetic concerns, and improving nasal breathing.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Typically, our clients who benefit the most from the rhinoplasty procedure are:

  • Individuals seeking to enhance the size and shape of their nose
  • Those desiring to correct nasal asymmetry or address specific aesthetic concerns such as a prominent hump or bulbous tip
  • Individuals experiencing breathing difficulties due to structural nasal issues
  • Those with a positive outlook and realistic expectations regarding the outcomes of the procedure

How Does it Work?

The rhinoplasty process begins with a comprehensive consultation to discuss your goals and concerns, followed by a detailed assessment of the nasal structure. The surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia and involves carefully planned incisions to access and reshape the nasal framework. Depending on your needs, we may address the nasal bridge, tip, nostrils, or septum to achieve the desired aesthetic and functional improvements.

Recovery and Results

After undergoing rhinoplasty, you may experience some swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort, which can be managed with medication. It is essential to follow our post-operative care instructions, which may include wearing a nasal splint and avoiding strenuous activities during the initial recovery period. Most patients can typically resume normal daily activities within a week, gradually reducing swelling.

Rhinoplasty can result in a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing nasal appearance, enhancing overall facial harmony and boosting self-confidence. Our clients have reported improved nasal symmetry, refinement of nasal contours, and a more proportionate nasal profile. Additionally, rhinoplasty can enhance nasal function, improving breathing and overall comfort.

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At CosmetiCare, our commitment is to deliver exceptional cosmetic surgery experiences with a focus on personalized care and outstanding results. Founded in 1982 by our double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Niccole, we bring extensive experience and expertise to every procedure. Our team is dedicated to creating a supportive and comfortable environment for our patients, ensuring their unique needs and goals are met with the highest care and professionalism.

When you choose CosmetiCare for any procedure, you can expect personalized attention from our skilled and compassionate medical staff. We understand the significance of these procedures in enhancing your confidence and self-image, and we will help you achieve your desired results.

If you are ready to take the next step in enhancing your natural beauty, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us.

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