What is the CoolMini?

The CoolMini is a smaller version of the traditional CoolSculpting machine popularized as a quick, cosmetic procedure that removes excess stubborn fat by freezing the fat cells and naturally flushing them from your body in a series of treatments. This smaller unit is specifically designed to fit in the neck area, offering a viable option for double-chin reduction without any anesthesia or downtime.

CoolMini is non-invasive, non-surgical, and virtually painless. While the results are subtler than more intensive surgical alternatives, the CoolMini offers astounding outcomes given the simplicity of the procedure. Ready to learn more? Reach out to CosmetiCare in Newport Beach and set up your consultation today.

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Non-Surgical, In-Office

Healing Downtime


Final Results

Two or more sessions are typically needed, with each showing noticeable improvement in two months

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The Day of Your CoolMini Procedure

The CoolMini is a solid fat reduction treatment option for anyone with the desire to eliminate their double chin. Neck fat is notoriously stubborn and even strictly followed diet and exercise regimens are often not enough to obtain real and lasting results. The CoolMini offers a quick and painless boost to your double chin removal strategy.

The treatment typically lasts 45-60 minutes, is entirely non-invasive and non-surgical, and can be easily undergone during a lunch break. It is common to experience mild discomfort as the skin adjusts to the cold temperatures, however, this usually subsides within the first few minutes. During a CoolMini procedure in Newport Beach, patients are able to watch Netflix, read, or simply relax as their neck fat is painlessly frozen.

The results from a CoolMini procedure are gradually noticeable and it can take up to four weeks for the body to fully eliminate the dead fat tissue. Multiple CoolMini treatments might be necessary to ensure optimal fat reduction in the neck area. The CoolMini procedure can also be combined with traditional CoolSculpting on other problem areas to achieve maximum body contouring.

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