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The breast lift procedure is most popular amongst women who have breastfed children or those that have undergone significant weight loss but is ideal for anyone who wishes to see a more perky and supple bust when they look in the mirror each day. Sagging breasts can be caused by any number of life events, but they can also be the result of simple genetics. The breast lift offers you a solution, no matter what the cause of your concern may be.

Those also looking to restore lost volume can also choose to get implants with their lift. Our award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeons in Newport Beach have helped thousands of women to restore their confidence with a life-changing breast lift procedure. To learn more, reach out to our Newport Beach location and set up your consultation with a helpful member of our team.

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The Ideal Breast Lift Candidate

The ideal candidate for a breast lift in Newport Beach will be done having kids and at a healthy weight, which has been maintained for at least six months, to ensure proper skin laxity. When you visit our practice for your initial consultation, a member of our team will get to know your cosmetic goals and work with you to explore the various treatment options that are available to you. You’re likely to be a great candidate for the breast lift if you’re interested in a way to:

  • “Perk up” your bustline
  • Correct downward sagging breasts
  • Adjust the placement of your nipples and areolas
  • Tighten stretched skin
  • Balance asymmetric breasts

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Take a look at some real-life results from actual CosmetiCare patients in Newport Beach.

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The Breast Lift at a Glance

The Procedure

Surgical, General Anesthesia

Healing Downtime

One to two weeks

Your Final Results

Four to six Months

Frequently Combined With

Tummy Tuck, Mommy Makeover

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Do You Need a Lift?

The best way to assess yourself is by checking your breast and nipple placement.
Follow our diagram below to see if a breast lift is recommended for you.

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Your Breast Lift Options

We offer various Lift techniques to ensure the best results. During your consultation, you and your surgeon will discuss the most ideal treatment to address your breast concerns.

Graphic of Full Lift (Mastopexy)

Full Lift (Mastopexy)

Ideal for larger breasts, or patients who are experiencing a more significant level of drooping, the full lift procedure allows for more breast tissue and skin to be removed, and an ideal repositioning of the areolas and nipples.

Graphic of Donut Lift (Benelli)

Donut Lift (Benelli)

The so-called “Donut Lift” is ideal for patients with a somewhat “fallen” nipple position, and who are experiencing minimal skin sagging. This procedure utilizes a small incision and positions the nipple slightly higher, for a more youthful appearance.

Graphic of Crescent Lift

Crescent Lift

The Crescent Lift is recommended for patients with a drooping nipple position and minimal skin sagging. As this is the least invasive of all breast lift techniques, your post-surgical scarring will be almost completely non-existent, despite your exciting results.

Graphic of Lift with Implants

Lift with Implants

Your lift may be combined with Breast Augmentation and Implants for a fuller, perkier appearance. Your surgeon will walk you through the best game plan to treat your breast concerns during your consultation.

Recovery After Breast Lift Surgery

Downtime after breast lift surgery at CosmetiCare in Newport Beach is typically five to seven days. If your work requires lifting anything over 10 pounds, you may need to take up to a month off while you heal. Your breasts will likely be bruised and swollen for the first few weeks, with swelling peaking around day three, and they’ll probably feel heavy and tight.

We suggest sleeping on your back or side, avoiding the lifting of heavy objects, and following your doctor’s recommendations for returning to your normal routine. You should be able to resume intimate activities after about six weeks have passed, but some people may need longer to heal. It’s important to remember that everybody is different in this regard.

During your initial consultation at our welcoming and luxurious Newport Beach facility, you’ll be given a detailed explanation of what you can expect from both your surgical experience and the recovery process. We’ll outfit you with detailed aftercare instructions and everything you’ll need to remain comfortable as you get ready to enjoy your life-affirming results.

Enjoying Your Final Breast Lift Results

After your breast lift surgery in Newport Beach, you’ll notice results immediately (along with swelling and bruising) however swelling will continue through the healing process:

  • Three Month Mark: 75% of the final results will be noticeable
  • Six Month Mark: 90% of final results will be noticeable
  • One Year Mark: 100% results noticeable
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Breast Lift Patient Testimonial 

As a woman in her 40s and done having kids, I was ready to look hot again! When I met with Dr. Adair to consult about a breast implant exchange and lift, I left wishing I had met him sooner.  Dr. Adair was easy to work with, walked me through his game plan with and really listened to my aesthetic goals. I now look and feel better than I have in a long time!

Kari K.

The Five-Star Experience You Deserve

Age. Gravity. Genetics. In addition to simple genetics, there are countless factors impacting our appearance, and as such, we’ve made it our mission to share the most advanced treatment solutions and procedures that’ll enable you to rejuvenate your look and reclaim your confidence in the process. As one of the most recognized names in aesthetic services throughout Newport Beach, CosmetiCare offers you a carefully selected team of award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeons who are responsible for more than 100,000 stories of transformation for over 35 years. When you’re ready to truly love the way you look, don’t hesitate to reach out to our welcoming Newport Beach location and set up your consultation today.

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Breast Lift FAQ

How much does a breast lift cost?

Why isn’t exact surgical procedure pricing available on the website?

How do I know if I need a breast lift?

Will insurance cover breast lift surgery?

What are my breast lift options?

How long will breast lift results last?

What will my scars look like after a breast lift?

Can I go braless after a breast lift?

Can I still breastfeed after a breast lift?

How Will I Look & Feel Afterwards?

How much does a breast lift cost?

The starting price for a breast lift tends to be $8,900.

The average cost of a breast lift in Newport Beach can vary widely, depending on the complexity of your procedure. Your breasts’ degree of sagging and excess skin can make your procedure more or less complex, which will impact how long it takes to perform, and the cost thereof.

During your consultation at CosmetiCare in Newport Beach, one of our board-certified plastic surgeons will prescribe the perfect treatment plan and provide you with an estimate to achieve your aesthetic goals.

We also offer up to 24-month financing options to help our patients pay off the cost of their procedure over time. In just minutes, you can apply here to see what you are pre-qualified for before your consultation.

Why isn’t exact surgical procedure pricing available on the website?

Every patient’s anatomy is different and the complexity of each surgery varies from patient to patient as well as the total time in the operating room. We are able to give you a general range & starting price for the procedure however a consultation with our plastic surgeons will give you a closer estimate.

How do I know if I need a breast lift?

The need for a breast lift procedure at CosmetiCare in Newport Beach is determined by a few factors:

  • Your desired breast size
  • The elasticity of your skin
  • The current position of your nipple compared to your breast crease

Will insurance cover breast lift surgery?

A breast lift in Newport Beach is considered cosmetic surgery, so it’s not covered by insurance.

However, if you have a documented medical condition, such as a congenital breast deformity, or are getting the breast lift as part of a breast reduction to relieve symptomatic large breasts, exceptions may be made.

Talk with your insurance company about what kind of documentation you’d need to provide to show that the procedure is addressing medically necessary issues.

If cost is of concern, we offer financing options to help our patients pay off the cost of their procedure over time. In just minutes, you can apply here to see what you are pre-qualified for before your consultation.

What are my breast lift options?

There are three types of breast lift procedures our Newport Beach cosmetic surgeons use. The technique that’s right for you will depend on such factors as your breast size and the amount of droopiness you have.

  • Mastopexy or Full Breast Lift is the most invasive lift procedure and is typically performed on women with much larger breasts, a significant amount of drooping, and whose nipple placement has dropped dramatically due to pregnancy or weight loss.
  • Benelli or “Donut” Lift is a less invasive modified approach, and an ideal option for those women who have less sagging skin but have experienced nipple position dropping and as a result, their breasts are not as perky. The incision is around the areola only and the nipple is positioned up, slightly higher, for a more youthful breast appearance.
  • The Crescent Lift is the least invasive breast lift procedure. This modified lift is typically for younger women or those with smaller breasts and minimal sagging. It involves only a small, crescent-shaped incision, usually above the areola. The surgeon is able to take out a small piece of skin above the nipple and simply perk the nipple up slightly. This same type of incision is the most common choice for women having only breast enlargement surgery who do not require any type of lift.
  • NOTE: Through modified versions of a breast lift, the surgeon is more limited to the amount of lift he or she can accomplish. Your surgeon will examine the size and position of your breasts in order to recommend which type of lift procedure will provide you with the best possible results.

How long will breast lift results last?

The results of a breast lift at CosmetiCare in Newport Beach last roughly 10 to 15 years, though your breasts will continue to naturally age and change with weight fluctuation. They may begin to sag in late middle age as your skin becomes less firm, which is why many patients choose breast revision surgery after the ten-year mark.

What will my scars look like after a breast lift?

You’ll have scars from the incisions of your breast lift procedure in Newport Beach and the placement and shape of the scarring are dependent on the type of lift performed. Rest assured, these scars should fade over a year or two, becoming less noticeable.

CosmetiCare in Newport Beach offers comprehensive scar treatment solutions. During your consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons, they’ll discuss the recovery and healing process and how to minimize scarring post-procedure.

Can I go braless after a breast lift?

It’s typical for breast lift patients to wear a support bra for several months after their surgery at CosmetiCare in Newport Beach. However, the exact amount of time you’ll need to wear a support bra will vary based on your procedure and the amount of tissue removed.

Can I still breastfeed after a breast lift?

In most Breast Lift techniques, sensation and breast ductal tissue is preserved, so the ability to breastfeed should remain intact. However, recent research* shows that any breast surgery – specifically the incision around the nipple – can potentially damage milk ducts, so there is a risk of insufficient milk production.

*Source: International Breastfeeding Journal

How Will I Look & Feel Afterwards?

Here are a few details on how you will feel after a breast lift procedure with CosmetiCare in Newport Beach.

  • Immediately following surgery your breasts will be wrapped and fitted with a sports bra that you will wear for several days.
  • Your breasts may be bruised, swollen and uncomfortable for the first few days. Any discomfort or soreness can be controlled with medication.
  • You may experience some numbness around your nipples and breast skin temporarily. Once your swelling begins to subside, the feeling should return.

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