Should BOTOX Be Part of Your Bridal Beauty Plan?

CosmetiCare Bridal Beauty Plan | A Good Hue

As it gets closer to my wedding day (less than three months away!) I’m starting to think about my beauty plan– how I want my makeup, my hair style, if I should get a wax, spray  tan, etc. I’ve also been prepping my skin to make sure it will look it’s absolute best and glowing the day of.  I want to put my best face forward on my wedding day!

However, one of my biggest problem areas is the fine lines on my forehead and increasing crows feet around my eyes– these areas need more help than creams and serums can provide! I had the pleasure of visiting CosmetiCare, a plastic surgery center and medspa in Newport Beach, Calif.  last week to go over my custom bridal beauty plan and try a treatment out for myself.

Keep reading to find out how you can incorporate nonsurgical treatments into your beauty plan as well as my experience in getting botox injections for the first time!

CosmetiCare Newport Beach Review | A Good Hue

CosmetiCare is Real Housewives of OC-approved as many local cast members frequent this center for their nonsurgical treatments– everything from dermaplaning and BOTOX to vaginal rejuvenation… more on that in a bit! The center is located right on the bay in Newport Beach– the waiting area is very inviting with gorgeous views and the entire team was so friendly.

It was important to me to visit a clinic that is clean, well-known, gets great reviews and has friendly and well-trained staff. CosmetiCare fit the bill perfectly!

CosmetiCare Newport Beach Review | A Good Hue

Customized Bridal Beauty Plan

CosmetiCare Bridal Beauty Plan | A Good Hue

When I first arrived to CosmetiCare, I met with Rosie, who is the medspa consultant at the center. Here are some treatments that CosmetiCare offers that Rosie felt would be best for a bridal beauty plan:


One of the most popular nonsurgical treatments CosmetiCare offers is the HydraFacial, which is a facial rejuvenation treatment that cleanses, extracts, and hydrates the skin. Afterwards, skin looks radiant and more youthful. After learning more about this facial and speaking to Rosie, it is definitely one I would love to try– I heard skin looks amazing afterwards!

You can read more about HydraFacial treatments here. These treatments start at about $200.

Injections: Botox and fillers

CosmetiCare also offers several types of injectables, including Botox, the most common injectable that reduces signs of visible aging (fine lines, crows feet, and frown lines). They also offer Juvederm to enhance skin volume, Restylane, and more. Depending on your problem area (under eyes, thin lips, fine lines, etc.) Rosie can suggest the right injectable for you.

Right now, CosmetiCare is running a promotion — buy 30 units of Botox, get 10 free.

Laser Hair Removal

Shaving daily can be SO time-consuming and for my wedding, I would love to have a completely smooth and hair-free bod from the eyebrows down. CosmetiCare offers laser hair removal packages for the ultimate smooth skin!


One treatment that I found super cool (pun intended) is CoolSculpting. Aside from being CosmetiCare’s consultant, Rosie is also their resident CoolSculpting expert technician! It’s an easy way to remove stubborn body fat– it literally freezes the fat away! You can learn more about CoolSculpting here.

Microneedling with PRP

To be honest, I totally nerded out behind the science of PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma injections. This treatment is especially good for those wtih hyperpigmentation, acne scars or uneven skin texture. During the treatment, the nurse will draw your own blood and spin it to separate the plasma. The plasma is then applied to the face and a small needling device is run over the skin puncturing the skin to allow the plasma to be absorbed by the skin.

It’s definitely an interesting treatment and one to look into if you have the skin issues I mentioned above. A single treatment is about $950 but the results look worth it. You can get a play-by-play of the microneedling with PRP treatment here.

CO2RE Intima

With all the beauty prep, the downstairs area can’t be ignored! While laser hair removal can smooth your lady-parts. As we age and/or have children, loss of vaginal tone and elasticity can become an issue. This treatment uses a painless laser treatment to stimulate collagen & rejuvenation in the vaginal wall.

You can snag a recommended package of three CO2RE Intima treatments for $3,300.

CosmetiCare Bridal Beauty Plan | A Good Hue

Is Botox Worth It?

I opted to start my bridal beauty journey with Botox injections in my forehead and around my eyes to target fine lines and wrinkles. I’ve had creases in my forehead since my mid-20’s and it’s definitely an area I’ve been self-conscious about. In fact, in many photos I post, I often blur this area to diminish their appearance. I had been considering trying Botox to help with them for several years and finally took the plunge!

My experience with Botox from CosmetiCare | A Good Hue

My RN and master injector, Kat, first showed me where she would be injecting the Botox. Since it was my first time getting injections, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Kat was super thorough in explaining the process, answering my questions and making sure I felt comfortable.

My experience with Botox from CosmetiCare | A Good Hue

The injections didn’t hurt at all– just little pinches here and there. Kat was quick and gentle– the entire process only took about 5 minutes! She advised me to not apply anything (skin care or makeup) to my face where the injections were made for about two hours and not to exercise for the following 2 days. By the next day, I had already started to see a difference- see the before and afters below!

The Results

Before/After Botox Injections from CosmetiCare | A Good Hue

Before & after Botox injections to forehead

I started noticing a difference the following day after receiving the injections. The smooth skin will last about 3-4 months before a touch-up is required. Aside from slight brightening, these before/after photos have not been retouched or altered You can see how much more smooth my forehead looks less than a week after the Botox injections. The fine lines are almost completely non-existent!

Before/After Botox Injections from CosmetiCare | A Good Hue

Before & after Botox injections to crows feet

My crows feet have disappeared as well– I no longer have fine lines by my eyes when I smile, which gives my skin a more youthful look! Someone once told me you can become addicted to getting Botox after your first time… I can see why!

For my brides-to-be, or anyone looking for a fresh look, I would recommend looking into injections and creating your very own bridal beauty plan. I can honestly say that I feel more confident and ready to look my best on my wedding day! I’m so impressed with how easy the process is, the results and the fantastic team at CosmetiCare.

Mention code AGOODHUE100 for 10% off your services at CosmetiCare.

Have you ever thought about getting Botox injections? Which of these medspa treatments would you try?


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