Many women get breast augmentations to improve the look of their breasts, whether to enlarge or provide a more full, lifted appearance. For the best results, after your breast augmentation, you may be advised to perform certain exercises. If recommended, your surgeon will go over these with you after surgery.  As always, it’s important to follow all instructions to achieve the best results. For some, implant exercises are a vital part of the process to ensure soft, full breasts after surgery. As your breasts continue to change during the course of your recovery, these exercises aim to help breasts appear more natural. Here are some exercises your surgeon might recommend, depending on your procedure.


Medial Displacement for Submuscular Implants

This exercise can be started the first day after surgery. Your cleavage is dictated by the width of your sternum and origin of your pectoralis muscles, so it’s important to not push the implant past a certain point, but instead, stretch the envelope wall so that the implant can reach the medial position.

The medial displacement exercise is done by crossing your hands to either side of your chest, cupping your breasts, and compressing them towards the center to achieve cleavage. This exercise should be done twice a day, holding the stretch for two seconds and completing five cycles.

It’s important to remember that this exercise is for submuscular implants only, so double check with your surgeon before performing these exercises.


Upward Breast Implant Exercise

This exercise is performed to combat capsular contracture. After your implants have dropped into position, it is crucial to maintain a space for the implant to move within for a softer, more natural feel. Medial implant exercises help combat gravity and the pectoralis muscle as they try to push the implants downward.

To perform the exercise, place your hand at the level of the inframammary fold. Keep your pinky finger at the same level of the chest while rotating the palm down and compressing the lower portion of your breast. Your implant should move away from the compression and you’ll see the fullness in the upper portion of the breast while feeling tightness. Perform this twice daily, 5 times each and hold the position for 2 seconds.  Again, always check with your surgeon first as they may have different recommendations.


Downward Breast Implant Exercise

This implant exercise will help give your breasts a more natural look and feel and allow them to move about in a natural way. Basically the opposite of the Upward Breast Implant Exercise, this helps push the implants down so that they don’t always appear too high on the chest.

To perform this exercise, place your hand flat and close on the upper portion of your breast just above the nipple. Apply gentle pressure to force the implant down until it slides to the lower area of the pocket and fills out the lower breast fold. Hold the position for 2 seconds and return to the original position. Like the other exercise, perform this twice daily, 5 times and hold the position for two seconds.  Your surgeon will advise if this is best for you.

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