Orange County Cosmetic Surgery Practice Expands Laser Procedures

Increased demand in Orange County for laser hair removal and laser skin resurfacing procedures has helped local practice CosmetiCare to increase its treatment offerings.

Increased demand in Orange County for laser hair removal and laser skin resurfacing procedures has helped local practice CosmetiCare to increase its treatment offerings.

Newport Beach, California (October 2012) – Local cosmetic surgery practice and medspa CosmetiCare ( is responding to patient demand by expanding its current laser procedure offerings. Because more and more Orange County laser hair removal and laser skin resurfacing patients are choosing the practice this year, CosmetiCare has decided to add new machines and new services to improve quality of care. The practice is a local leader in cosmetic and plastic surgery, and is pleased to offer more minimal-downtime treatments for its growing patient base. ”

The interest in aesthetic laser procedures has grown remarkably in recent years,” says Dr. Michael Niccole, a board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of CosmetiCare. “As just one example, we have seen enormous year-over-year growth in the number of laser hair removal and laser skin resurfacing treatments performed at our

cosmetic surgery orange county california location.”

Each of these laser-based procedures has become a highly popular cosmetic procedure in recent years. The results are immediate and long-lasting, and the procedures have remained as some of the most affordable available. They also require minimal recovery periods, compared to other procedures.

“On average, cosmetic surgery procedures will require several weeks of recovery time before the final results are revealed,” notes Dr. Burr von Maur, another board-certified plastic surgeon at the practice. “But the benefits of laser skin resurfacing are apparent within the first week, and laser hair removal achieves significant results after just a few treatment sessions. Laser treatments get results but do not require incisions.”

Laser hair removal procedures apply short bursts of light that hinder the natural growth process of hair. The laser targets a specific color wavelength – set to match that of your hair color – and is limited to only target locations with that color. When it “sees” the specific color, the machine sends a short burst of light that travels down the follicle to the root and eliminates the link between the follicle and its blood supply. Without access to blood, the body’s nutrient stream, the follicle can’t grow and dies, effectively preventing future growth.

Laser skin resurfacing works on a similar principle. The laser light only penetrates the outermost layers of the skin, removing the surface layer of dead skin cells and encouraging rejuvenation deeper within the skin tissue. The procedure can remove brown spots, blemishes, wrinkles and other cosmetic skin concerns.

“The nature of these procedures makes them affordable and easy to do,” adds Dr. Niccole. “Some people choose to have a procedure done during a lunch break, which is not something you can do with a traditional surgical procedure such as a facelift or liposuction.”

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