Nose Surgery and Other Cosmetic Procedures Are In Higher Demand For Millennial Men, Helping to Boost Cosmetic Industry as a Whole

More and more millennial men are seeking out nose surgery and other cosmetic procedures. This growing trend directly opposes the historical stigma against men receiving aesthetic surgery. Traditionally, society has shunned men from applying these types of beautification methods to themselves. Of course, men require upkeep and grooming just as much as women. And a younger generation of millennial males is quickly realizing that there is no shame in going the extra mile to look and feel the way that they want.

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), over 50% of all nose surgery procedures in 2016 were performed on patients younger than 35. While the majority of these patients were still female, a sizable and growing percentage of them were men. This uptick is actually a small part of a much steadier incline of younger men deciding to receive plastic surgery.

As the cosmetics industry continues to expand, patient demographics have also become more diverse. In fact, much of the industry’s growth can be accounted for by these newer types of patients. This means that more unexpected categories of people, i.e. young men and people over 65 years old, are propagating the ongoing cosmetic industry boom.

In a report by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), researchers noted that there has been a near 350% increase in male cosmetic surgery in the past twenty years. That same study reported that out of 618 men, over 30% stated they would be “extremely likely” to undergo a nose surgery or other aesthetic procedure. The vast majority of that 30+% were men under the age of 35.

This study suggests that even if the majority of all men are more prone to shy away from cosmetic enhancements, there is a massive chunk that are ‘extremely likely’ to become patients. This chunk is primarily made of millennial men.

Sure, it might seem counterintuitive that younger men are desiring more aesthetic surgery. However, these numbers actually make perfect sense when we look at growing societal trends and advancements in aesthetic medicine. As millennials grow into adulthood in the age of social media, there is far more concern placed on picture-perfect aesthetics. At the same time, the cosmetic industry has begun to adopt more non-surgical and less committal treatments that require less contemplation for the patient. Within that same vein, when a patient has undergone a non-surgical and noncommittal treatment, they are far more likely to seek out more traditional procedures like rhinoplasty options or Liposuction for Men.

The AAFPRS’s study also surveyed the general reasons for these millennial men’s desire to receive cosmetic enhancements. The survey segmented the groups into men 18-24 and 25-34. The bulk of both groups stated that they simply wanted to feel better about themselves. The next most common reason for both age ranges was to please a partner.

These reasons are fairly generic and have been at the heart of the cosmetic enhancement industry for decades. However, a significant 42% of the older male group stated their cosmetic goal as wanting to “remain competitive in my career”. A desire to look good in order to get ahead is nothing new, but it is a sentiment that’s historically been felt more intensely in men above the age of 40.

As with this entire millennial male plastic surgery trend, the newfound youthful aesthetic-based competitiveness could be attributed to the rise of social media. Yet, another more interesting cause might be the increase in younger corporate officials and entrepreneurs, particularly within the technology sector. As the chief employers become younger and more vibrant looking, their employees will obviously want to maintain a similarly youthful and kept appearance. For these types of millennials, nose surgery, fat reduction procedures, and other cosmetic enhancements are the best ways to uphold their looks and remain aesthetically in-line with their superiors.

Regardless of the reasoning, men under the age of 35 are receiving more and more plastic surgery every year. This type of trend often finds exponential growth when the societal acceptance starts to match the amount of potential patient interest. And societal acceptance of male cosmetic enhancements will most assuredly rise as more men open up about their desire and commitment to undergoing these aesthetic procedures.

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