Maintain Plastic Surgery Results

All cosmetic procedures are an investment. Whether you undergo plastic surgery or a non-invasive MedSpa service, you are investing in yourself to improve your overall wellbeing. It is also an investment of your time and energy. Naturally, you want to make sure your investment pays off.

After your cosmetic procedure we hope that you love your results and love the way you look. However, it is important to understand that your results require upkeep. Nothing can fully stop the effects of aging, lifestyle habits, and genetics, but you can take steps to optimize your results.

At CosmetiCare, we want to ensure that our patients’ results last as long as we promise and hopefully even longer with these few simple steps. Here are some suggestions for maximizing your cosmetic procedure outcome.

Tips To Maintain Plastic Surgery Results

Maintain Plastic Surgery Results

Healthy Diet & Regular Exercise – These two things are the key to a healthy life but also to long-lasting cosmetic procedure results. While some results are immediate, the look you see now will last if you maintain a healthy weight. Dramatic weight gain can completely contour and take away the results of the procedure that was performed. For example, liposuction is a surgery that is designed to get rid of targeted fat cells. If you gain excess weight post-surgery, it will create new fat cells and diminish the results of your liposuction procedure. The best way to maintain body contouring results is to continue exercising regularly and stick to a healthy diet. The good news is that by following this rule, you will also improve your overall health, helping you to feel good in addition to helping you maintain your results after surgery. Check out tips for building your own workout routine hereMaintain Plastic Surgery Results

Following Post Procedure Instructions – Proper care after any procedure is extremely important. Scarring is a necessary aspect of many surgeries and while your best cosmetic surgeon in orange county will place your incisions where they can be most easily hidden, making sure they heal well and fade nicely over time is partially up to you. At CosmetiCare, we offer detailed after-care instructions to all of our patients and it is very important that you are following those specific instructions to ensure the best results.

Overall Habits – What you put in and on your body can not only make an impact on your surgical results, it can also make a huge difference in your overall health. Smoking is a huge factor, and if you are having surgery, it is recommended that you stop smoking weeks prior and after surgery. Nicotine greatly interferes with your body’s ability to heal. Excessive alcohol consumption is another thing you should avoid. Be honest with our doctors about your health habits prior to surgery so they can work with you to make the changes you need to be successful.  The best results come from a good doctor-patient relationship and teamwork.

We want your procedures to have a long-lasting positive impact on your life.  So remember, when it comes to optimizing your cosmetic procedure results, it really is teamwork.

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