The Dream Cream on My Counter

By Debbie Lavdas

As I looked at my camera roll, the Firm and Fade results were pretty impressive, so I thought I’d share here with you (makeup-free and all). My skin looks bright, calm and pure.

  I was handed this kind of nondescript bottle and told to use it on my face every night for two weeks before my upcoming laser treatment. I had no expectations really, I just nodded and agreed that I would use it religiously each evening. It’s called Firm and Fade—a special compound available at CosmetiCare—and it’s designed to lighten and brighten the face.   Firm and Fade is recommended before lasers as well as before a strong skin peel or an IPL treatment. You can also use it as a wonderful “stand alone” treatment product.   I hadn’t noticed the results each day over the two weeks until I looked at these pictures that I quickly snapped the morning before my laser treatment (as pre-laser reference pics for my own purposes). As I looked at my camera roll, the Firm and Fade results were pretty impressive, so I thought I’d share here with you (makeup-free and all). My skin looks bright, calm and pure (without skin/age spots).  

Makeup-free (only wearing lip balm). Firm and Fade definitely lightens and brightens. This was in two weeks.

  Truthfully, for a second, or a minute,  or maybe five minutes, I wondered to myself if I actually even needed the intense Laser treatment that I was about to be numbed for in the next 30 minutes. (Spoiler alert: yes, I got the laser later that day.) But the Firm and Fade indeed acted as an anti-inflammatory, and kept my skin calm, as it turns over dead skin cells and also eliminated hyperpigmentation.  I have to say I’m a Firm-and-Fade fan after seeing these untouched photos of my face.   Firm and Fade ($70):

  • Lightens or eliminates brown spots
  • Improves the appearance of aging skin
  • Improves the appearance of sun-damaged skin


Firm and Fade, available at CosmetiCare $70

  Firm and Fade is one the many products CosmetiCare carries. If you’re interested in it, stop in and chat with Dina Fox, the office’s savvy and super friendly Med Spa Consultant. Dina can give you the perfect plan to the best skincare—everything from medical-grade serums and cleansers to everyday sunblock. She can be reached at 949-718-7900 ext. 212. Dina and my son, pictured below.  

The beautiful Dina Fox with my little guy, Fox. Double Fox love.

  It’s great being a #CosmetiCareMom and trying out the best in the medspa business, then sharing the experience. Stay tuned for my next post on the actual Erbium Laser, which is a bit of a big deal (and about three times as strong as a peel).  

  Thanks, CosmetiCare, for enlightening all of us hard-working women on the latest in beauty.   Here’s Dr. Bernette by the way, the morning of my Erbium Laser; she makes laser-goggles look good. (FYI, I was a hot mess for about a week after my Erbium Laser, as it resurfaces your face. So if downtime isn’t on your calendar, Firm and Fade may be your fast fix.)

  Erbium Laser with Dr. Bernette. More on that soon!

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