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Breast Implant vs. Fat Transfer at CosmetiCare in Orange County

by | Jun 28, 2021 | Articles, Breast Augmentation

I sat down with three of our board-certified plastic surgeons and got the run down of which they prefer when it comes to augmenting the breast- a breast implant, or a fat transfer. Here’s what they had to say:   Question: If a patient is looking to increase the size of their breasts, what can you tell me about a breast implant versus a fat transfer?   Dr. Niccole   Answer: There are multiple ways to perform this surgery, it all depends on the individual patient that comes in and what their thoughts are. Breast augmentation standard has been breast implants for the last sixty years and throughout these years, the improvement in implants continues to grow. Newer generation silicone implants are now considered to be a gummy bear implant, so if a patient is ever worried about rupture, they will not have to worry about it spreading. These implants can also be removed at any point in time, whereas a fat transfer is a lot more difficult to remove.    When using implants, we as surgeons can have a precise outcome of what the patient’s breasts will look like after surgery. Once I have the implants placed where I like, I can assure myself of a symmetrical breast and a great result. For patients looking to have a fat transfer, this would be done by performing liposuction on various parts of their body and then placing that fat into the breast pocket. The downside of this procedure is that not all the fat will be absorbed by the body- typically only 50-60%. In some cases, one breast may even absorb more than the other, leaving the patient with asymmetry. Fat transfer is also more expensive than implants considering it may take two or three procedures to get to their desired result, still with risk of not all the fat absorbing.    An advantage to a fat transfer is that it will call for removal of fat from various areas of the body. Instead of injecting this fat to the breast, I prefer injecting it into the face during a facial rejuvenation procedure. Fat transfer has truly revolutionized the plastic surgery industry since fat cells are known to have a high concentration of stem cells. They are a regenerative type of cell that rejuvenate tissue for collagen production. Most surgeons when doing facial surgery will incorporate fat transfer to assist with alleviating hollowness and give a fuller, more youthful look. Over the past ten years I have rarely not incorporated a fat transfer into a facial procedure.    Implant or fat transfer to the breast?    Dr. rating- Implant  Dr. Adair   Answer: When it comes to a patient who is on the fence about a fat transfer or a breast implant to get the breasts of their dreams, I believe that implants are preferable because they are more predictable. I have a better idea of what my patient’s results will be with an implant versus a fat transfer that typically only has a 50-60% rate of being absorbed by the body. Some patients might have a stigma that implants will not be able to give them a more natural look, but with modern implants and their cohesive gel, they are far superior to what was available years ago. At CosmetiCare, we perform all breast augmentations under the muscle, which can give both a natural look and feel when performed by a skilled and confident surgeon.    With a fat transfer, I prefer this procedure in areas of the face and when performing a Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL). Working with Dr. Niccole, he has shown me through the amazing results of his patients the added benefits of a fat transfer to the face as it assists with restoring youthful traits. With a BBL, I will liposuction various areas of the both and then transfer the fat to the buttocks for a larger, fuller appearance without the need for implants. When done correctly, the fat retention in the buttocks is around 90%, which is much higher than the 50-60% rate of absorption to the breast.     Implant or fat transfer to the breast?    Dr. rating- Implant  Dr. Von Maur   Answer: Personally, I prefer an implant versus a transfer for many reasons. For starters, they are far more predictable and give a better shape with better projection. Also, unlike a fat transfer commonly does, an implant doesn’t have to be repeated for optimal results. With a fat transfer to the breast, you will most commonly need at least two procedures because the absorption level is unpredictable and can also not be guaranteed. A fat transfer is not the best stand-alone solution; however, it can be used in combination with an implant in the upper pull area. This skin is often very thin and patients who are wanting larger implants might benefit from a silicone implant with a fat transfer to help eliminate the chance of rippling. If a patient is requesting a saline implant, the results of an implant with a fat transfer is far less effective and predictable.    With implant technology being far more advanced now than years back, a natural result with an implant is completely possible. When a patient has had a breast augmentation by a skilled plastic surgeon, the implant will be nearly untraceable. At CosmetiCare, we love using a silicone implant under the muscle for a natural, fuller look. Each of our board-certified plastic surgeons make every effort to create a breast size that is proportionate to the patient’s figure. We are also sensitive to your budget concerns, and an implant is a less costly and a more predictable solution to getting you to your breast goals.    Other areas where I would recommend a fat transfer would be for a facial rejuvenation procedure and a Brazilian Buttocks Lift (BBL). Fat transfer to the face is used to assist with filling out hollow areas are the face that are suffering from collagen loss due to the aging process. It can also assist with filling out scaring. With a BBL, this is a highly satisfying procedure that removes unwanted fat from areas of the body and is then injected into the buttocks for added fullness. It completely changes the shape of your body and leaves you with a beautiful hourglass figure.    Implant or fat transfer to the breast?    Dr. rating- Implant    To book your complimentary consultation and start your journey to your breast summer yet, call 📞 and claim your offer of 50% off breast implants*!!!

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