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By Catheryn Cervantes

As my life focus has shifted more on my soon to be 10 year old autistic daughter and keeping up with her, I want to be a mom that isn’t afraid to get out there and enjoy life with my family. I have always been so self-conscious about my body that I have found myself behind the camera more than in the moment with my family. I’m hoping that this Liposuction surgery at CosmetiCare will give me the opportunity to reawaken my self confidence and help me be the mom I strive to be.

I’m undergoing Body Sculpting at Cosmeticare

  Where to begin? Most people would say I'm crazy (that's a given), that I don't need it but I've decided. With 50 fast approaching and my daughter getting older by the year, we are more and more active, like brake the mommy active! No longer am I the self employed interior designers my focus has shifted to being a stay at home mom turned blogger who writes among other things, about my girls autism in hopes to help others. It takes a huge chunk of my day and my family takes up the rest, so it literally has left me with little time to address me! Let’s throw in genetics now. I have some areas I am not a huge fan of. I want to keep up with my soon to be 10 year old, what I don’t want is to be that mom that is so self conscious that she almost never comes out in pictures (like I've done for most of my life to be honest) Insert Cosmeticare! I was offered the chance to become a Cosmeticare ambassador, the opportunity to address some areas of concern and be treated by some of the most talented doctors In Southern California. It was a no brainer!

Beginning My Journey With CosmetiCare

I’m beyond excited to share this journey with like women (and men), those who always put their families first yet have want to address an area of concern without seaming vain or unrealistic. No matter how hard some of us have worked out and watched our diets, we are all just made differently and don't even mention the toll aging has on some of us. I will be sharing with you my personal journey, giving you the real honest truth regarding my chosen procedures, tips on preparing for them and ways to recover faster.    So now for the when, my journey begins…… now! As I am writing this I have already started the post procedure steps and will follow up with you all to detail my experience of the actual liposuction procedure itself and the details of what it entails afterwards. Want to read more now on this and all the other services Cosmeticare offers and

breast reduction price in orange county? Check out their Services section on their website providing great info on every including Lipo!

  I have put my complete faith in the doctors and staff of Cosmeticare for this procedure and have the highest level of confidence that I will get the

best liposuction techniques results possible. I know I will have to make some changes after my healing is complete to maintain and get the most from this procedure and I plan to take full advantage of it. Looking to doing something for yourself too? Use my code CATHERYN100 for 10% off of Lipo or Botox , just mention the code on the phone or at your FREE consultation. 

Experience Liposuction With Me

Well, thats my big plan for the next couple months, post care, recovery and gaining more confidence. 50 is fast approaching and I want to look and feel my best! Please feel free to ask me any questions on this procedure or any other you may have been contemplating, I’ll be more than happy to help. If I don’t know the answer I am 1 of 10 women who are apart of this journey at Cosmeticare and will be happy to direct you to them, after all…. we are all different.   

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