The Benefits of Receiving Plastic Surgery in Orange County Vs. Beverly Hills

Take A Break From The City

There is no shortage of plastic surgeons in California. Beverly Hills is inundated with less experienced surgeons looking to make a quick buck. Orange County has some of the

best plastic surgeons in orange county ca in the world and is one of California’s best-kept secrets.

Los Angeles and Beverly Hills are fun, exciting cities to live and work. However, everyone needs a reprieve from the craziness every once in a while. Undergoing plastic surgery in Orange County offers you the peace of mind and tranquility you can’t find in a city like Los Angeles. Our patients have the opportunity to create a short, easy, and enjoyable vacation from the city when they visit CosmetiCare. Treat yourself to the vacation you deserve in Orange County.

There are many other reasons to take a trip out to Orange County. The OC hosts some of the best pro-surfing contests and offers other water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming in the gorgeous harbors.  You can take a day trip to the gorgeous Catalina Island from either Dana Point or Newport Beach for an extra day of sunshine-filled relaxation. Orange County boasts some of the best dining, shopping, and lodging in all of California, so it’s no wonder our clients travel from Los Angeles to receive the best

breast lift before and after large breasts at our offices. 

Ensure Your Privacy

It’s no secret that Los Angeles and Beverly Hills are inundated with plastic surgery centers. From movie stars to housewives, there is a huge market for plastic surgery in that area. However, it can be extremely difficult to keep your information and surgery history confidential in a town overflowing with social circles of people who love to gossip.

LA is a small town and word travels quickly. Add in the paparazzi and that makes it almost impossible to undergo any type of cosmetic procedure without it being blasted in the news or on social media. Our patients have found that traveling to Orange County offers a more laid-back, confidential experience. Escaping the potential gossip is important to our patients, and we are committed to 100% confidentiality for all of our patients.

Quality Care At A Fair Price

Our team of world-class surgeons and staff take pride in the impeccable results our patients leave our offices with. In this day and age, everyone is striving to look young and beautiful forever. It is not uncommon for surgeons to push unnecessary procedures on to patients simply to make a bigger profit.

On the contrary, your highly-skilled surgeons at CosmetiCare focus on treating your body, health, and mental state of mind. We like to refer to this as treating the “whole you” and take great pride in our specialized care of each patient. Our surgeons have made it their mission to offer comprehensive care rather than placing an emphasis on maximizing profits or increasing numbers of patients.

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CosmetiCare offers world-class care that cannot be rivaled by competition. Unlike other surgery centers, our surgeons employ a comprehensive approach to ensure that our clients are being treated for their overall health. Call 949-386-2773 or click here to schedule a consultation now!


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