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5 Things you Need to know about Hair Restoration 

  Dr. Stefan Adair, CosmetiCare’s hair transplant specialist, weighs in on what you need to know about this popular procedure.    1. How long does a hair procedure take? 2. When will you see results from a hair transplant, and how long will they last? 3. Does hair transplant procedure hurt? 4. How many procedures will I need? 5. How effective is hair restoration?   How long does a hair procedure take?    Hair restoration procedures can take up to 8 hours, depending on how many graphs you are getting. We do not want this to be a quick procedure as it takes time to harvest each graft and ensure proper handlining for the best regrowth. To learn how many graphs you may need, see the below chart.  Hair is a labor of love, and Dr. Adair is no stranger to this art form. He has performed over 3,000 successful hair cases and has even sat in the chair four times as a patient. Trust us – he gets it, and our team will ensure you are comfortable during your procedure. When will you see results from a hair transplant, and how long will the results last?   Patients will begin to see full results about 6-10 months post-op. By 10-12 months, you’ll see 90% of the new hair growth results. While this procedure does require patience on your end – the new hair will continue to grow for a lifetime and is yours to keep!   Does hair transplant procedure hurt?    The hair transplant procedure is relatively easy for the patient. While you will be in the chair for 4-8 hours, we will ensure your comfort throughout the entire process. We will give you light sedation, so you are awake but relaxed, and the areas treated are numbed with a local anesthetic. As mentioned before, Dr. Adair has sat in your shoes and will ensure you are comfortable during the procedure.    How many hair restoration procedures do I need?   Many patients are satisfied with one procedure. However, this will be determined during your consultation with Dr. Adair.   How effective is hair restoration?   Hair restoration is effective, and after performing 3,000 successful cases, it is a proper art form. 94% of patients who have undergone this procedure in the US would recommend it, according to Our physicians, including our Medical Director, Dr. Michael Niccole, have undergone this procedure with Dr. Adair and have been completely satisfied with their results.   About Dr. Adair   Orange County’s leading hair doctor was once a patient himself. Dr. Stefan Adair began thinning in his 20s and stated it was not until his once 3-year-old daughter made comments about his hairline that he finally decided to restore it. Recruited from Bosely’s top hair clinic in Atlanta, Georgia, CosmetiCare is proud to have Dr. Adair as our hair restoration expert in Newport Beach. If you are ready to take the plunge, call us today to set up your consultation.

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