Getting Rid of Your Sneaky, Haunting, and Insidious Back Fat

back fat bra bulge

Stubborn back fat, aka Bra Bulge, is as common of a problem area as inflated lower bellies and the pervasive double chin. It’s less demonized primarily because it can hide behind our field of view while the fat buildup insidiously grows. As with many problems that aren’t directly in front of us, sneaky back fat often goes unnoticed and untreated until it begins to bulge around our sides, shoulders, and abdominal region. Once it reaches this point, our back fat becomes a haunting ghost following us wherever we go. While adipose tissue in the back can be as frustratingly stubborn as a poltergeist, it’s certainly not an unconquerable specter. Follow our favorite five methods for getting rid of back fat and bra bulge below to ensure you put up the best fight possible. You’ll be happily twirling in front of your mirror in no time!

Taking a Closer Look in the Mirror, aka Dealing with the Bulge

The bra bulge, muffin top, fat rolls, and love handles are all directly or indirectly associated with excessive back fat. For men, the latter two are generally somewhat easier to hide or can at least be intentionally avoided on a day-to-day basis. On the other hand, women are typically strapping on bras each morning and those with back fat are forced to reckon with the dreaded bra bulge. For both men and women, seeing these undesirable bulges and folds can be demoralizing and concerning. However, this discomfort can also be positively galvanizing if it drives you to find a solution. Before we dive into our methods for how to get rid of back fat, let’s take a closer look at what causes this adipose buildup.

back fat bra bulge

What Causes Back Fat and Bra Bulge?

All humans are born with a finite amount of adipose cells, or fat tissue. When fat buildup occurs, these adipose cells expand and the overall tissue inflates. What causes some areas (like the back) to inflate more than others? It’s generally a combination of genetics, muscle atrophy, and dietary habits. And while we can’t do much about the genetics (yet), we can overcome the issues with weakened muscles and poor nutrition.

Quick Anatomy Lesson:

Your back muscles are divided into three groups determined by their control of the shoulders, thoracic cage, and your vertebral column. For our purposes, we can focus more generally on areas of the back rather than specific control sectors. The large muscle that runs from your neck, down past the shoulders, and connects at the center of your spine is the Trapezius. Just beneath the layers of Trapezius muscles are the Levator Scapulae (from top shoulder to upper neck) and the rhomboids (from bottom shoulder to top spine).The Latissimus Doris (lower back) are below these muscles and run from the armpit to the center spine and down to the hip.

While most of this information might seem superfluous, we feel that it’s important to understand that the back is not just one solid structure. As your front side is divided into pectorals, obliques, abdominals, etc…, so too is your back and shoulders. Grasping this will help you gain fuller control over your strategies for back fat reduction. At the very least it will help you decipher the anatomical drawings on the machines at the gym.

Dietary Habits and Muscle Atrophy:

We all know that unhealthy dieting and a lack of exercise leads to fat gain. What many people don’t realize is that their back muscles are often highly underutilized and improperly stressed on a daily basis. Even those who hit the gym frequently fail to properly engage every muscle group. And the typical 9-5er with a desk job can cause serious stress and lasting damage to their spine and its corresponding muscles.

back fat bra bulge

In terms of dietary activity, most foods that have been deemed unhealthy for other areas of the body are also going to be a detriment to your back. That being said, there’s not a list of foods to avoid or to consume that will have any specific impact on back fat. When it comes down to it, your diet typically has an overarching widespread effect on the entire body. Sure, it has been suggested that certain dietary troublemakers can increase fat around the belly or other precise problem areas. Yet, generally speaking, eating poorly will lead to a lack of energy, excessive weight gain, and a flurry of other problems that can’t be pinpointed to single area. 

The important takeaway here is that a lack of proper muscle utilization combined with unhealthy eating habits are the most recognizable causes of back fat and bra bulge. That’s why we’ve included back-specific exercises and healthy dieting tips within our list of methods for back fat removal.

Why is back fat so difficult to get rid of?

The main reason why back fat and bra bulge are so difficult to get rid of is that targeting these fat deposits is more difficult than targeting your arms, legs, and abs. Not only this, but the muscles under the back fat deposits may be thin, making it harder to lose fat in the area. Muscles are important in burning fat, so when you have thin muscles in an area, it will make targeting fatty deposits more difficult.  In the gym or at home, many people don’t think to target their back. While many workouts do work the back, it is important to build muscle in these areas, but can be difficult to achieve back fat loss. 

Anyway, enough with the negative. Let’s move on to our top 5 solutions for getting rid of unwanted and stubborn back fat and bra bulge. 

Anyway, enough with the negative causes… Let’s move on to our top 5 solutions!

5 Methods for Back Fat and Bra Bulge Removal

1. Dieting for Back Fat Reduction

Lots of Water

back fat bra bulge

The average person consistently fails to drink enough water throughout his or her day. This is caused by a combination of unhealthy water replacements (sodas, juices, etc…) and a general misunderstanding of how much water one should be drinking. There is no magic number of cups per day that will work for every human. However, a good rule of thumb is to try your best to drink about one cup of water for every waking hour. Hydration is an oft-ignored but highly critical key to fat reduction, and weight loss as a whole. Seriously, drink more water!

Avoid Booze (& Sodas/Sugary Drinks):

back fat bra bulgeMost of us rely on our nightcaps or after work wind-downs to help us relax and destress from the day’s activities. Unfortunately, if you want to get serious about getting rid of your back fat, getting on the wagon is one of the smartest things that you can do. Not only will you be cutting out the unnecessary empty calories abundant within each precious glass of wine, you’ll also immediately recognize the beneficial impact that complete sobriety has on your mood, metabolism, energy levels, and sleep. Cut out the booze if you really want to cut out the bulge.

Avoid the 4 S’s and the C’s: 

back fat bra bulge While the four S’s (Starches, Sugar, Sodium, and Saturated (& Trans) Fat) and the C’s (Carbohydrates) are all a part of the average diet, we find it best to try to avoid them as much as possible. Of course, certain types of saturated fats can be debatably healthy and sodium is a necessary part of every diet. However, cutting back on these four S’s along with processed carbs will help you achieve your back fat reduction goals.

In place of these 5 nutrients, try increasing your intake of healthy fats, (Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated), proteins, and both soluble and insoluble fibers. In general, a good fat loss diet includes lots of non-starchy vegetables, lean proteins, and as little sugar intake as possible.

2. Back Fat Exercises

Cardio / HIIT

The best exercise that you can do for any type of fat reduction, including back fat or bra bulge removal, involves cardio. Cardio gets the heart pumping and burns calories far more effectively than any other type of exercise. Within the realm of cardio is something commonly referred to as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). HIIT routines are essentially a series of short powerful bursts followed by short cool down periods. This type of exercise is intimidating at first, but is truly the most efficient form of calorie burning workout available and will surely burn away your back fat in no time. And the best part is, many HIIT exercises can be done from the comfort of your home or anywhere outside of a gym.

back fat bra bulge

One type of HIIT exercise that we love simply requires a jump rope, some form of stopwatch or timer, and enough space to jump.1.    This entire routine can be done in 10 minutes, however you can easily repeat steps and increase the overall time for maximum caloric burn.2.    First, simply warm up by jumping rope in a regular stance for roughly 2 minutes.3.    After the 2 minute warm up, proceed to increase the speed of your jumping while lifting your knees up toward your chest, alternating between each leg. This will essentially look like you are running in place as the jump rope spins around you. Do this high intensity running rope sprint for 20 seconds and then ease back into a normal jump rope position.4.    Jump normally for 20-30 seconds and then steadily ease back into the running rope sprint for an additional 20 seconds.5.    Repeat this process as long as you can. Try to hit the ten minute mark (or longer) for optimal results.

Back Exercises:

Targeted exercises or resistance training is the best way to rekindle the atrophied muscles in your back. When done correctly, these types of strength and resistance training workouts can also help to heal any stress damage done to your spine from long periods of sitting or general misuse. Once your back muscles are strengthened and properly engaged again, it will be much easier to exercise that fatty back demon.

back fat bra bulge

One of our favorite resistance training techniques can easily be done at home and only requires a set of dumbbells or equally weighted heavy objects for each hand.1.    To perform this routine, simply start standing straight with both dumbbells at your sides. Keeping your arms straight out with minimal bend in the elbows, slowly raise the dumbbells until they reach your shoulder height. Then slowly rotate them in a backward circle.2.    After completing two rotations, carefully lower the weights back down to your hips, making sure to engage your back, shoulders, and tricep muscles.3.    This exercise will be felt heavily in the arms, however their is a tremendous indirect impact on the upper back. It’s therefore perfect for fighting bra bulge and a fatty upper back problems.

Core and Glute Exercises:

It’s incredibly important to maintain versatility and well-roundedness when exercising to maintain a healthy physique. It’s also vital to remember how each muscle group is connected and how they rely on each other. For example, strengthening your core will have a direct impact on your posture and overall back strength. Likewise, working your butt off (literally), will improve back support and even minimize the look of muffin tops or love handles often associated with back fat. For these reasons, we feel that the traditional squat is a simple, tried and true workout for your glutes that can be done practically anywhere. For the core, we like performing the “Dead Bug”, which packs a serious punch despite its silly name.

bra bulge back fat

3. Reduce Anxiety and Improve Sleep to Eliminate Bra Bulge

Reduce Caffeine (and Overall Stimuli) Before Bed:

back fat bra bulgeImproving your sleep and reducing the amount of weight gaining stress hormones in your body will make you look and feel better simultaneously. An easy first step toward better sleep is to reduce caffeine prior to sleep. This might seem like a no-brainer, but caffeine can stay in your system for much longer than most expect. We recommend trying to avoid caffeine at least four hours before you start your bedtime ritual.

On that note, many people consume caffeine later in the day in a last ditch effort to get more work done. If you absolutely need to meet a deadline, that evening cup of joe or caffeinated tea is sometimes unavoidable. Still, minimizing your screen time and overall stimuli in the hours before bed is extremely helpful for reducing your stress levels and improving your sleep. The better you sleep, the better your body will function and the easier it will be to get rid of back fat.

Use Flux or Similar Alternative:  

back fat bra bulge If you are like the majority of technology users that have embedded screen time into their nightly ritual, it is imperative that you start using an app like Flux for all of your digital devices. Flux, and its competitors, gradually decrease the amount of blue light on your computer and phone screens based on sleep schedule timers that you manually set.

Our circadian rhythms naturally respond to blue light, and the typical computer screen is flooded with it. When we spend hours at night staring into these circadian altering lightwaves, our minds are subconsciously tricked into thinking that we should be awake. The end result is worsened sleep and even total insomnia.

Flux helps by removing that blue light from your screen at night, leaving only the red and green lights to come through. With Flux turned on, your screen will look strangely orange and your onlooking family or roommates might be slightly confused. Dealing with an unfamiliar orange tint is definitely worth it for the sleep benefits.

Get a Facial: 

Getting a facial treatment is equal parts relaxing, uplifting, and revitalizing. It is the perfect way to instantly look and feel better without committing to any long term alterations or enhancements. Giving your face some much needed love will surely create a trickle down effect for the rest of your body, providing a valuable boost of motivation for your back fat annihilating efforts. Along with our other facial treatments, CosmetiCare offers the innovative and incredibly effective Hydrafacial treatment.

This modern facial hydrates, lifts, exfoliates, and smooths your facial skin with a refreshing and seemingly magical patented wand. Get it as a reward for reaching a back fat reduction milestone, or get it now to kickstart your fat removal journey with a hydrating bang!

4. Non-Surgical Back Fat Reduction Techniques


back fat bra bulge

CoolSculpting is the latest and greatest piece of non-surgical fat reduction technology. It is considered a “lunch time” procedure, meaning it can be done within 30-60 minutes and requires no downtime. It’s entirely non-invasive, non-surgical, and costs a fraction of the price of traditional fat removal surgeries. While the effects are not as drastic or impactful as liposuction or other types of surgical fat reduction, CoolSculpting has the added benefit of being easily undergone multiple times for optimal results.

CoolSculpting works by literally slim freeze fat reduction freezer your fat from the outside in. The device suctions to a portion of your fat, produces a precisely controlled temperature of cold air, and destroys adipose tissue without damaging anything else. Your body then naturally eliminates the dead fat cells and you can expect to see a noticeable reduction in fat within weeks.

CoolSculpting works extremely well on back fat as the machine requires a pinch-able amount of fatty tissue. The skin on the back is also less sensitive and so the small amount of discomfort that might otherwise be felt from the cold air is minimized within that region.


truSculpt is essentially the opposite of CoolSculpting. Rather than cold air and suction, truSculpt utilizes heat and radio wave technology to destroy fat cells. The procedure is also non-invasive, non-surgical and can be performed in less than an hour with virtually no recovery time. The results are similar to CoolSculpting and will be noticeable as soon as your body naturally flushes the dead fat tissue out of your body.

truSculpt procedures are highly effective on back fat and bra bulge due to the large and easily accessible surface area of the back. The treatment can be undergone multiple times for maximum impact and the results will be visible within weeks of the first procedure.

5. Surgical Back Fat Reduction Techniques


Liposuction is the heaviest duty method that we have listed here. While it’s not necessary for everyone, Liposuction can often be the easiest and most effective approach to back fat removal for many people suffering from this unfortunate problem area. Liposuction is a surgical procedure and does require general anesthesia, however the results are virtually immediate and the vast majority of patients only need to undergo the treatment once.

Is liposuction safe?

This cosmetic procedure for improving body contours and getting rid of bra bulge and back fat is safe for those who lead active, healthy lifestyles. It is not for those who are obese or don’t already work-out and eat right. Your surgeon will decide whether or not this procedure is safe for you based on your initial consultation where you’ll also discuss how to maintain the results after the procedure. 

While the cost is somewhat higher than other non-surgical options, this fat removal surgery produces far more noticeable and drastic results.

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