For some women, having large breasts is not fun at all. Carrying around several extra pounds can cause problems such as back pain, neck pain, sweating, rashes, and shoulder grooving among others. Orange County breast reduction surgery specialists can help you solve this problem.

Although it is very common, breast reduction surgery is quite misunderstood. Below are some fascinating facts about it.

1. It is possible for any size

When it comes to breast reduction surgery, there are no size thresholds. The procedure is right for any woman who can benefit from it. Even if you have relatively small or medium-sized breasts, you still may want to discuss the possibility of a breast reduction surgery with your doctor.

2. It is an outpatient procedure

Another surprising fact about breast reduction surgery is that it is an outpatient procedure. That means patients can go home the very same day as their Orange County plastic surgery. The recovery process is also simple, and it does not need inpatient care.

3. Breast reduction often comes with a breast lift

Breast reduction is not just about removing breast tissue. Lifting the breasts is also often an integral component of the entire procedure. Although the lift is a secondary aspect, it's meant to ensure that the skin fits the reduced breast tissue perfectly.

4. It might change the ability to breastfeed

Breast reduction surgery can affect a patient’s ability to breastfeed down the line. Although the majority of patients can still breastfeed after surgery, there are a few who may not be able to do it due to internal scars sustained during the procedure.

5. Nipple sensation may be affected

Although it is not common, a few patients have reported losing sensation in the nipples after surgery, making them less sensitive. In most of these cases, the sensation returns after a couple of months, but there is the chance of persistent numbness.

6. It causes scarring

Scarring is a significant issue for patients considering breast reduction surgery. Although Orange County breast reduction surgery specialists do their best to make scars as minimal as possible, these scars are unavoidable.

7. It does not guarantee symmetry

Many patients thinking of undergoing a breast reduction surgery are also concerned about the symmetry of their breasts. Although the procedure is a perfected art, it is not possible to 100% guarantee complete symmetry in practice.

8. It possible for nearly all ages

A major misconception about breast reduction surgery is that it is only for moms or older women. The truth is that even younger patients, including those in their late teens, can benefit immensely from the procedure.

9. Insurance may cover some costs

In some cases, breast reduction surgery is considered a medical necessity. Thus, insurance may help assist with the overall cost of the procedure.

10. Your breasts will require special care for a bit

After surgery, your breasts will need special attention to stay in good shape. Although you may feel like you don't need a bra, the truth is that it's hard to fight gravity. Remember that it's important to keep your breasts well supported, especially while healing.

The bottom line

Overall, breast reduction surgery is associated with a number of benefits and risks. If you have any questions about breast reduction in Orange County surgery, please give us a call or schedule a complimentary consultation.

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