Corona del Mar, CA – After becoming pregnant with triplets in her early 20s and having another child years later, Dina Miller began gaining weight. In a report by The Orange County Register, Miller also said her unhealthy eating habits contributed to her weight gain.

“I wasn’t taught about eating right,” she said. Like many parents with multiple children, her childcare responsibilities made it difficult for her to find time to cook healthy food. Miller also studied to earn an MBA from the University of Delaware, which made planning and cooking healthy meals all the more challenging. “It was faster to call for pizza than making something healthy,” she recalled.

Gastric Sleeve Operation

Miller’s weight surged and dropped over and over. Eventually, she reached 263 pounds. She finally decided to get a gastric sleeve procedure, a surgical reduction of her stomach’s size, to combat her weight problem.

Also known as a sleeve gastrectomy, in this operation, surgeons remove a part of the stomach and join the remaining pieces together to create a smaller stomach, or a sleeve. This enables the patient to feel full faster during meals, so they avoid overeating.

Miller’s operation was a success, and she saw substantial results in combination with other changes, like adopting healthy eating habits. Her weight dropped to 138 pounds, and she went from a size 22 to a size 4.

But despite the benefits of rapid weight loss, Miller experienced a new complication – excess skin.

Excess skin is one of the most common side effects of weight loss surgeries. It can be a challenge for any weight loss patient, affecting their intimate lives and their sense of self-confidence. Thankfully, cosmetic surgeons are aware of this issue, and most patients who undergo weight loss surgery can have excess skin removed after their recovery period.

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery recommends patients with excess skin seek skin removal treatments after they’ve reached their weight loss goals and their weight has been stable for at least six months.

Excess Skin Removal at CosmetiCare

Miller had worked at CosmetiCare, an Orange County plastic surgery center and medical spa, for years while she was overweight – and she still works there to this day.

So, it was only natural for her to seek help for her excess skin from the experienced cosmetic surgeons at her workplace, who she already knew and trusted. In her eight-hour surgery, CosmetiCare surgeons removed nine pounds of extra skin. The surgery was performed by Dr. Burr von Maur, a Hoag Hospital and CHOC Children’s Hospital physician, who was assisted by Dr. Brian Reagan and Dr. Michael Niccole.

According to Dr. von Maur, removing the excess skin helped Miller find the confidence to do what she wanted and go where she pleased. “The remaining loose skin was a reminder of what she used to be like,” von Maur said. “The surgery let her get rid of that burden.”

Gastric sleeve and excess skin removal surgeries aren’t for everyone, but individuals who are overburdened by weight that won’t respond to diet and exercise have seen real results from the procedures. Plastic surgery centers and medical spas like CosmetiCare stand ready to walk patients through the process and help them achieve their weight loss goals.

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