At CosmetiCare, you know we take care of your skin, but it’s time to take care of your SCALP too! Introducing HydraFacial® Keravive™, a 3-step treatment to cleanse, exfoliate & hydrate your scalp. If you’re looking to improve your scalp health, get rid of buildup, and see thicker, healthier-looking hair, this treatment is for you!

How does Keravive™ work?

HydraFacial® Keravive™ is a one-of-a-kind treatment that has been designed to cleanse, nourish, exfoliate, and hydrate your scalp leaving you with healthier- fuller-looking hair. It works in three steps and includes both an in-office treatment and a 30-day take home spray.

  • Step 1: Cleanse and Exfoliate– Dirt, oil, and impurities are extracted from your scalp and hair follicles using HydraFacial® Vortex Technology.
  • Step 2: Hydrate and Nourish– Keravive™ Peptide Complex Solution exfoliates your scalp and nourishes your hair follicles to promote a healthier scalp and fuller-looking hair.
  • Step 3: Extend and Enhance– Daily use of the take-home HydraFacial® Keravive™ Peptide Complex delivers daily hydration and nourishment following your in-office treatment.

The Keravive™ Formula:

HydraFacial’s® proprietary Vortex Technology easily removes impurities from the scalp and hair follicles including oil, dirt, skin flakes, and dead skin. The Keravive™ Peptide Complex Solution then delivers a blend of biomimetic growth factors and skin proteins that hydrate and nourish the scalp. The result? Healthier, fuller-looking hair!

The recommended regimen:

For the best results, we recommend a minimum of three in-office treatments of Keravive™ performed once monthly along with continued use of the take-home spray for between office visits.

Is this treatment for you:

Just like the HydraFacial® is ideal for anyone with skin, Keravive™ is ideal for anyone with a scalp! Any patient interested in improving the overall health of their scalp and hair, and/or seek treatment for hair thinning or loss, can benefit from this treatment.

Benefits of Keravive™ with other treatments:

The use of Keravive™ can also help complement other hair-loss treatments both before and after. A healthier, cleaner scalp encourages better results from oral and topical therapies, PRP treatment, and hair restoration surgical procedures.

  • In conjunction with PRP: For best results, it is not recommended to administer HydraFacial® Keravive™ and PRP treatments in the same visit. The recommended regimen is to alternate Keravive™ and PRP treatments and to allow 2-4 weeks in between treatments.
  • In conjunction with hair transplant: Keravive™ treatments can be beneficial in improving scalp circulation, and patients considering a hair transplant can do a series of treatments in the 3-6 months preceding hair transplant surgery to optimize scalp health.
  • Will Keravive™ help care for my scalp after a hair transplant? Due to the sensitive nature of the transplanted hairs, it is not recommended to have a Keravive™ treatment until six months after your hair transplant. The Keravive™ take-home spray can be used four weeks after a hair transplant.

The results: 

After just one in-office treatment, patients have noticed an improvement in scalp dryness, flakiness, itchiness, and an increase in hair growth. Following the recommended three in-office treatments, a majority of all patients have noticed hair fullness, a large improvement in overall hair and scalp appearance, and a large boost in confidence!

The treatment experience:

Can I wear hair styling products before the treatment?

For best results, it is recommended that you come to the treatment with clean, dry hair without any styling products.

Can I blow dry my hair after applying the solution or spray?

For best results, allow the scalp/hair to fully dry and absorb the solution and spray before applying heat, which should take around 15-20 minutes after the end of the treatment. It is also recommended that clients do not use a hairdryer within an hour of receiving the treatment or applying the take-home spray.

How long after the treatment will my scalp/hair dry?

You will be leaving your treatment with wet hair, and your scalp/hair should be dry 15-20 minutes after the end of the treatment. For best results, it is recommended to not use a hairdryer within an hour of treatment or use of the take-home spray and to wait an additional 6-12 hours before washing your hair.

How long after the treatment can I apply hair styling products?

You can use hair styling products as soon as your hair/scalp is dry, and the product is absorbed which is approximately 15-20 minutes after your treatment.

How soon can I wash my hair after treatment or after using the spray? 

For best results, it is recommended that you wait at least 6-12 hours before washing your hair.

Can I receive the treatment and/or use the spray if I have color-treated hair?

Yes, this treatment and take-home spray will not affect color-treated hair.

Can I receive the treatment and/or use the spray if I have bonded, or tape-in, extensions?

Yes, this treatment can be used by patients with bonded or tape-in hair extensions. When advising patients on take-home spray use, it will be noted to use the spray directly on the scalp, and not the hair extensions themselves.

Will the treatment damage or pull out hair?

Some patients may experience minimal hair shedding as the non-growing hairs are uprooted and fall out. These hairs would have fallen out on their own, regardless of having the treatment. This hair shedding is a sign that the scalp is entering a healthier state.

What should I expect the treatment to feel like?

The treatment is pain-free, gentle, and relaxing. You will feel some suction on your scalp and a cooling sensation from the solutions that are administered during the treatment.

How long will the in-office treatment take?

If you have thinning hair, the treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. If you have a full head of hair, your treatment can take up to an hour.

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