Last week I stopped by CosmetiCare, a MedSpa based in Newport Beach, Calif. for a Botox appointment. This year marked my first experience with Botox, which I first tried in preparation for my wedding as part of my bridal beauty plan. Botox typically lasts anywhere from 2-4 months so it was time for a refresh! While there, I opted to try a lip flip. What is this exactly? Keep reading to learn more>>

CosmetiCare a Newport Beach, Calif. MedSpa | A Good Hue

CosmetiCare is a popular a MedSpa in Newport Beach and is one that the Real Housewives of OC frequent. In fact, if you’ve watched the show you may have seen Housewife Kelly Dodd with Dr. Brian— who is one of CosmetiCare’s top plastic surgeons. Pretty cool, right? Unfortunately, I have yet to see a Housewife during my visits but it is good to know I am in good company.


BEFORE: Botox injections at CosmetiCare, Newport Beach | A Good Hue

During this visit, I saw nurse Allison who administered the injections. Botox is a non-surgical procedure and is relatively painless– just a few pricks here and there and slight pressure. The entire process takes about 20 minutes and by the time I walk back to the parking lot, you can’t even tell anything was done.  It’s highly rare for any complications to arise– in fact, Botox is one of if not the most studied injectable in the United States. If you have any questions on safety, please reach out to CosmetiCare as a rep would be happy to provide additional information and details.

Reminder, a registered nurse should ALWAYS be the one giving injections– I have seen horror stories of people taking their chances on estheticians (they are NOT license for giving injections) or trying to find cheaper alternatives. Be safe and be smart when it comes to getting any type of cosmetic procedure done.

As you can see with these oh-so-beautiful ‘before’ photos, I have fine lines on my forehead and crows feet. My nurse and I also decided to take care of the bunny lines (side of the nose) and do a lip flip to give more shape to my upper lip.

AFTER: Botox injections at CosmetiCare, Newport Beach | A Good Hue

It takes about a week for Botox to fully work it’s magic– and as you can see, those fine lines are gone. My face has movement still and I love how natural it looks!


A lip flip involves just a couple units of Botox injected into the upper lip muscle, just above the top border. The muscles then relax just enough flip the lip slightly outward, helping to give better shape to the lips. The outcome is a more fuller pout and softened lip lines. It does not inflate your lips like fillers would, it’s a much more subtle difference as you can see in the after photos.

Lip flips only take approximately 2-4 units and CosmetiCare offers a flat rate of $150. It is an affordable way to get a prettier pout! The lip flip is generally considered safe and will return to normal in a few months. The only downside is that you may not be able to fully purse your lips to whistle, which I can’t really do otherwise. Oh, and drinking out of a straw is more difficult but just a minor inconvenience.

Botox Lip Flip Results from CosmetiCare | A Good Hue

Overall, I am very happy with my Botox results and the lip flip. If you’re looking for a subtle lip change, I recommend trying a lip flip. It’s easy, less invasive than fillers, is affordable and looks super cute!

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Do you get Botox injections? Would you ever get a lip flip? Tell me!

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