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Total Body Lift

Ready to bring a beautiful shape back to your body? Let us help you complete your transformation!

If you’ve recently lost a significant amount of weight, you deserve a congratulations! Chances are you feel better, have more confidence, and are able to more easily participate in activities that were difficult for you before.  Bariatric weight loss can help you make dramatic changes in your life.  But there is one aspect of major weight loss that most people don't think about: the reality of the bumps, sags and flaps of excess skin that often remain after the weight is gone.   

The good news is that when you're ready, the experts at CosmetiCare have a variety of options to help you complete the last leg of your weight loss journey.  Often times, this means choosing the popular total body lift. Excess skin is common after major weight loss and can be remedied with specialized body contouring procedures. At CosmetiCare, our plastic surgery specialists understand that achieving the look you want can help you live the life you want. Request a consultation with one of our patient consultants today.

What Do I Need to Know?

This procedure removes excess skin and re-contours areas of the abdomen, back, hips, upper thighs and buttocks. Excess skin most often occurs following major weight loss, but also can develop as a result of age or pregnancy. Many patients who have undergone the gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery experience loose, hanging skin folds after reaching their goal weight. The majority of this skin appears on the lower body and torso but can also be prominent on the arms, face and breasts.

This sagging skin on the body can cause discomfort to patients who have gone through bariatric weight loss. The skin can cause infection, rash, irritation underneath the folds of the abdomen, breasts, buttocks and back. A total body lift can correct this condition in many areas by removing skin and re-contouring the entire trunk and dramatically reshaping the body to create a more proportionate, slender and firmer look.

Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

You can learn more about the various procedures that make up a total body lift when you read more about breast enhancement and body contouring procedures. It's important to educate yourself on specific procedures that address large amounts of excess skin, like a tummy tuck.

Some of these procedures can be performed together but a total body lift is not usually performed with other procedures at the same time. Your surgeon will most likely stage additional procedures for safety, less risk of complications and better healing. It is very important that you select a surgeon who understands and has experience addressing the unique cosmetic needs of post weight loss patients.

Request a consultation online or call us to learn more and schedule a consultation for your total body lift in Orange County. There's no better time to love the way you look!

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