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What is an Erbium Laser Treatment? 

The Erbium laser treatment is a type of skin resurfacing procedure that is slightly less intense than the similar C02 method of facial rejuvenation. It is designed to remove moderate to deep wrinkles, and can provide evenness in tone and pigmentation. The wavelengths emitted by the Erbium laser are absorbed by the skin more efficiently than most other lasers. This produces a slightly less acute outcome while maintaining the incredible ability to fully repair and rejuvenate facial skin. 

Erbium lasers can ablate (remove) tissue from areas of the face with precision and subtlety. The negative residual effects of Erbium treatments are often less noticeable than other types of lasers due to the device’s ability to minimize its range of thermal skin damage. Essentially, the Erbium laser will typically cause less post-procedure redness and swelling, without losing its power to fully correct facial pigmentation issues. 

How Does the Erbium Laser Treat Pigmentation? 

The Erbium laser works by introducing layers of the skin to a beam of light that causes the water within the cell tissue to vaporize. This ostensibly shrinks the current amount of collagen available, causing healthier collagen to eventually form. The subsequent improved collagen production leads to tighter, more evenly toned, and smoother skin. 

Like other facial lasers, the Erbium treatment device includes an easily controllable wand that precisely directs light waves toward specific problem areas on the patient’s face. The wavelength of light that Erbium lasers emit is particularly effective at vaporizing water molecules residing within dermal glands. Facial skin just so happens to be full of dermal glands, and thus the Erbium laser perfectly combats facial skin issues. 

Is it Right for Me and What Can I Expect from an Erbium Laser Treatment? 

Having realistic expectations and a desire to correct facial pigmentation issues are really the only two main prerequisites for Erbium laser treatments. The treatment is non-surgical, there is hardly any recovery time, and there are practically no side effects involved with the Erbium laser. Still, redness and swelling can occur immediately after a procedure, but these minor nuisances should subside within a few days. 

Usually, Erbium laser treatments will last anywhere from 30-60 minutes, however the length of session depends on the depth of your facial pigmentation issues. It is important to moisturize your skin and avoid excessive sun exposure for a few days following the procedure. Your face should be fully healed within a week, however the rate of healing is mostly depending on your overall health and lifestyle. 

Erbium laser treatments can be combined with other facial rejuvenation and cosmetic enhancement procedures to maximize overall outcomes. You should always consult with a licensed professional in order to properly devise a treatment plan that’s right for you. 

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