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All About Core CO2 Laser

The Core CO2 laser is considered a non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment. The effects of the Core CO2 laser can be likened to those of chemical peels or microdermabrasion, with the added benefit of extreme precision, easily adjustable intensity, and treatment versatility. This type of powerful laser technology truly represents the future of cosmetic dermatological procedures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Core CO2 Laser Treat Pigmentation?

The Core CO2 laser treats issues with pigmentation, blotchiness, age spots, and general discoloration through controlled dermal ablation, or skin tissue removal. Using the Core CO2 laser wand and adjustable energy settings, the surgeon or licensed technician is able to focus the carbon dioxide beam on specific points throughout the face. The laser will remove precise amounts of the skin’s outer layers in those areas depending on the depth and size of the blotch or general pigmentation issue. The amount of energy and time spent on each area will be completely based on the patient’s unique problems with pigmentation.

While the actual science behind the Core CO2 laser is fairly complex, the basic premise involves a type of vaporization of the skin cells through targeted ultra-high energy beams. Essentially, the laser uses energy created by concentrated CO2 in order to carefully remove skin. This type of skin removal encourages collagen production and healthy, youthful looking skin to grow back in its place.

Is it Right for Me and What Can I Expect from a Core CO2 laser treatment?

The Core CO2 laser can be used to treat practically all patients with the desire to correct issues with their facial skin. The effectiveness of the treatment can be dependent on your skin type, thickness, texture, and tone. However, the Core CO2 laser is designed to work with all types of facial skin and with most degrees of facial skin issues.

If you are experiencing problems with blotchiness, age spots, or general pigmentation issues, then the Core CO2 laser can be one of the most powerful and effective solutions for you. Repeat treatments might be necessary depending on the extent of your pigmentation issues, however the results are immediately and long lasting.

The actual procedure is minimally invasive and some minor discomfort might be felt during and immediately following the treatment. Topical anesthetic can be utilized to help with this mild discomfort, however it is not required. The length of the laser session will depend on the extent of issues being treated, with most sessions taking less than an hour to complete.

Patients can expect to experience some minor soreness and redness for a few days following the procedure. It is important to avoid sun excessive exposure and use protective lotions and facial nourishments during this short recovery time.

If you are curious about treating your pigmentation problems with the Core CO2 laser, please call 949-565-2628 or to schedule a consultation at our Orange County offices today.