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Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the trendiest and most desired surgical body contouring procedures available. It is a type of butt augmentation that involves a fat transfer, or fat grafting, rather than synthetic surgical implants. The origin of the Brazilian Butt Lift’s name is actually somewhat of a mystery. Some propose that the late celebrity Brazilian plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy actually invented this type of fat transfer butt lift. Others suggest that the name comes from the prevalence of the dahreayer in Brazilian beauty culture. And some even say the phrase was coined by a TV network during a televised performance of the procedure on a Brazilian patient. 

Regardless of its namesake, the Brazilian Butt Lift has made waves as a highly successful procedure that kills two birds with one stone. As a simultaneous fat reduction and buttocks augmentation treatment, the Brazilian Butt Lift provides outstanding results your own body’s resources. 

What Do I Need To Know? 

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical procedure that augments and provides contour to the buttocks and outer hips. Unlike a traditional butt implant or butt lift, the Brazilian Butt Lift utilizes the patient's fat harvested from liposuction in order to fill in and reshape the buttocks region as desired. The use of the patient’s own fat offers a more natural alternative to synthetic butt implants.

This procedure typically takes place in three steps. First, liposuction is used to harvest a viable amount of fat from the patient’s body. Then, the surgeon proceeds to sterilize the fat cells and prepare them for injection. Finally, the fat is carefully injected into the buttocks and surrounding areas in small amounts until a voluminous, rounder, and more youthful shape is achieved. The Brazilian Butt Lift has the added benefit of removing unwanted volume from the waist and nearby regions, creating a more desirable hip-to-waist ratio. 

Am I a Candidate? 

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a good choice for most patients that meet the following criteria: 

  • Have enough excess fat to be harvested via liposuction. Some patients can decide to gain wait prior to a procedure to ensure optimal results.
  • Be in overall good health with no underlying heart or lung conditions.
  • Desire to add volume and lift to your buttocks with realistic expectations of results.
  • Have sagging or flattened buttocks with fat in undesired locations of the surrounding areas.

How Will I Look & Feel Afterward? 

  • After a Brazilian Butt Lift you will look slimmer and more defined in the areas where your fat was harvested.
  • Your buttocks will look rounder, perkier, and more voluminous providing an appearance of youthfulness and robustness.
  • The average recovery time is around two weeks and you will be recommended to not sit directly on your buttocks during that time.
  • Strenuous physical activity and exercise should be avoided for 3-4 weeks after surgery.
  • You will typically be able to return to work and average daily routine in less than 2 weeks.
  • Some patients may experience bruising or swelling, which will subside within 3-4 weeks after the surgery.
  • The injection sites are typically less than a centimeter wide and will be slightly more noticeable in the first few weeks. Any scarring caused by these injections will be easily concealable with most undergarments and clothing until fully healed.

The results of the Brazilian Butt Lift are immediately noticeable, however it will take a few weeks for swelling to subside and for your body to fully heal. You can expect roughly 60-70% of the fat injected to remain, while the rest will be naturally absorbed and eliminated by your body. Due to this reabsorption, some patients will be injected with a slight excess of fat to ensure that the remaining fat retains enough volume. The rate at which your body heals is mostly dependent on your lifestyle and overall health. 

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