Rhinoplasty FAQ

Men and women considering rhinoplasty in Orange County know they can trust the team at CosmetiCare for high quality results. Although we’ll be sure to take time to answer all questions you may have on an individual basis, we’ve also provided answers below for the most commonly asked questions regarding this procedure.

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What Is Rhinoplasty?

You may be more familiar with this procedure by its common name: nose surgery or a “nose job.” A skilled rhinoplasty surgeon is able to make the nose smaller, larger, narrower, shorter or longer. Misshapen noses, such as those caused by an incorrectly healed fracture earlier in life, can also be corrected through rhinoplasty.

Can Rhinoplasty Fix My Breathing Problems?

This procedure isn’t always about cosmetics. Many people seek surgery in order to correct problems with their nasal passages. In fact, breathing complaints are a common reason why patients seek out a rhinoplasty in Orange County. Rhinoplasty is one of the few cosmetic surgeries which may be covered by insurance, if the procedure is recommended for medically necessary reasons.

Am I a Candidate?

Just about anyone who is unhappy with the look of their nose or who has trouble breathing may be a candidate for rhinoplasty. Patients must have achieved their adult growth in the face, which generally is complete by the mid to late teens. The exact age will vary by individual case. There isn’t really an age where you become too old for a rhinoplasty, as long as your primary doctor clears you for surgery.

How Do I Choose my New Look?

CosmetiCare surgeons will use computer imaging during your consultation to determine what the final shape of your nose should be. This is a very useful tool which assists both doctor and patient in communication and the decision-making process.

What’s the Recovery Like?

There isn’t often a lot of pain associated with recovery from rhinoplasty, although there will be swelling and bruising around the eye area. This dissipates by keeping the head elevated, even when resting. Your nose will be stuffy, and there may be a little bleeding (this is common). You should not blow your nose for the first week. Most patients take time off work so their bodies can focus on healing.

How Soon Will I See Results?

Although the big changes will be seen right away, it often takes longer for the more subtle shape changes to reveal themselves. Healing after rhinoplasty is a gradual process, so it may take some time to see the final results.

What about Scarring?

With a closed rhinoplasty, the incisions are made entirely inside the nose, hidden from view. Sometimes incisions may be made across the skin between the nostrils (an open rhinoplasty), but the resulting scar is small and generally difficult to see. Visible scarring isn’t really a concern with rhinoplasty.

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