What? You’re getting Botox!
I recently made the personal decision to begin having Botox done on my face. Gasp! I mentioned it to a couple of my close friends and family, and got many of the similar responses…
“Why would you do that?”
“You don’t need Botox!”
“You need to be careful they don’t mess up your face.”

It is that one word that every mom is afraid to admit saying that they have had done. Especially living here in Orange County where there has always been such a huge stereotype around plastic surgery and injectables. Guess what? Doing Botox does not make a person vain or “plastic.” It is just something that many women want to do to reverse the signs of aging. And, it is ok to talk about it with other moms.

As Moms, it is so important to love our bodies. While our bodies are quickly aging, it is ok to take advantage of things that our parents generation did not have access too in order to keep looking and feeling younger longer.

Having our hair curled at the blow bar makes us feel good. I could be wearing the ugliest outfit, but if my hair is styled, I feel like a million bucks. The same is true for our skin. When I see another wrinkle appear on my forehead or around my eyes, I don’t feel as alive as I did before it showed up on my face.