Dr. Brian Reagan Brings New Minimally Invasive Technology to Orange County Plastic Surgery Practice, CosmetiCare

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Dr. Brian Reagan Brings New Minimally Invasive Technology to Orange County Plastic Surgery Practice

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF. (February 19, 2019) – Dr. Brian Reagan, a board certified plastic surgeon, is combining new technologies to offer the most effective minimally invasive facial treatments available for patients at CosmetiCare, a plastic surgery center and MedSpa in Orange County, CA.  As the demand for less invasive aesthetic procedures continues to grow, Dr. Reagan and CosmetiCare are proud to be able to offer new solutions for patients who don’t want to go under the knife.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures has grown nearly 200 percent since 2000, with no indication of slowing down.  “Office-based procedures that require less downtime are appealing to patients for many reasons,” says Dr. Reagan. “With new technology, our office-based procedures can effectively address the three main issues patients experience as they age: textural changes, loss of volume, and skin laxity.”

Focusing on the face, Dr. Reagan can improve skin texture with RF microneedling (namely Fractora and Morpheus8), improve skin laxity with FaceTite and restore facial volume using the patient’s own fat with intelliFat™ and AcquiCell™.

Many patients would like the benefits of a facelift, but aren’t quite ready for the procedure. Knowing this, Dr. Reagan advocated for a solution for these patients at CosmetiCare.

“FaceTite by InMode is a perfect option for patients who want to achieve a more youthful appearance without an invasive procedure,” says Dr. Reagan.  “With FaceTite, we are able to tighten the skin using radiofrequency energy within the dermis layer of the skin. We can provide the most skin tightening without a facelift using FaceTite.”

So how does FaceTite work? In short, FaceTite uses radio-frequency assisted lipolysis (RFAL) and a small, hand-held device that passes radiofrequency energy through the skin, making only a few minimal markings that heal in a matter of days.  The hand-held device is calibrated and controlled by the surgeon so that only an appropriate amount of heat is applied, and the skin is not damaged. The entire FaceTite procedure can take less than 40 minutes.

Combining FaceTite with Fractora and Morpheus8 technology, known as EmbraceRF, helps to bridge the gap between fractional lasers and surgical procedures.  The RF microneedling devices from InMode provide improvement in skin complexion, reduction in skin irregularities and skin restoration. Again, harnessing the power of radio frequency, patients can now receive the ultimate non-invasive skin renovation without surgery.

Lastly, with intelliFat™ kits, Dr. Reagan can precisely harvest, process and transfer fat for patients to areas that they have experienced volume loss.  The latest in fat transfer technology provides more predictable results and fat that lasts longer.

“Patients can opt to receive all of these procedures under local anesthetic, which is a huge selling point for some,” says Dr. Reagan. “The fear of general anesthesia can be a deterrent for patients, but a procedure under local anesthetic can seem less scary.”

CosmetiCare in Orange County is proud to offer FaceTite, BodyTite, Fractora and Morpheus8 procedures, using devices by InMode, a global provider of energy-based, minimally invasive aesthetic solutions.  Combining these procedures with intelliFat™, intelligent low volume fat transfer, is providing outstanding results.

“I’ve been practicing plastic surgery for 20 years and I believe the holy grail of facial rejuvenation is achieving significant rejuvenation results in a minimally invasive way with minimal recovery time,” says Dr. Reagan.

Dr. Reagan did his surgical training at Cornell Medical College/The New York Hospital, conducting wound care research that was awarded funding from the National Institute of Health (NIH).  At the University of Texas at Southwestern in Dallas, considered by many to be the top plastic surgery program in the country, Dr. Reagan trained with recognized world experts in facial rejuvenation, rhinoplasty, and body contouring.  He is a highly-recommended plastic surgeon and is well-known in the local medical community.


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