All About Buttocks Lift in Orange County

While some people seek enlargement for a fuller look in their buttocks, others simply want to give theirs a little lift. A buttocks lift is a procedure designed to remove excess skin and underlying tissues that have become loose and flabby due to age or significant weight loss, so you can enjoy your ideal appearance and all the body confidence that comes along with it. Ready to learn more? Simply reach out to CosmetiCare at our Newport Beach location and speak with a helpful member of our team to set up your initial consultation today.

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The Butt Lift at a Glance


Surgical, General Anesthesia

Healing Downtime

Two to Three Weeks

Final Results

Four to Six Months

Frequently Combined with

Body Lift, Thigh Lift, Tummy Tuck, BBL

Do You Need a Butt Lift?

Visiting CosmetiCare in Orange County gives you the chance to meet with one of our carefully selected, award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeons. They’ll put their extensive experience and knowledge to work, helping you choose the procedure that is right for you, your unique body type, and your individual cosmetic goals. A Buttocks lift might be for you if you have:

  • Sagging and loose skin above your buttocks
  • Lost a massive amount of weight
  • Experienced frustration with your appearance
  • Recently undergone weight loss surgery

Butt Lift Procedure Options

The butt lift focuses on skin removal but can be paired with fat transfer for the addition of more volume. We make it a point to work closely with our patients, and will do everything we can to customize your results around your exact cosmetic goals. During your consultation, you and your surgeon will discuss the best lift for you.

Butt Lift

This procedure is best suited to individuals who have an excess of skin and lack of fat causing their rear end to droop and sag.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

This technique is best for those who have excess fat in areas other than the butt. A BBL utilizes fat from other body areas to add volume and help with overall shape and symmetry.

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What Do I Need To Know?

Performed under general anesthesia, a butt lift takes about two to three hours to perform. This cosmetic surgery procedure requires that incisions be made vertically across the top of the upper buttocks area, extending to the sides of the back.

This incision will typically be concealed with undergarments and clothes.

The length of the incisions will depend on the amount of excess skin to be removed. After incisions are made, the excess skin is removed and the remaining skin and tissue is lifted to achieve a smoother, tighter overall look to the buttocks. Although buttock lift is oftentimes combined with liposuction, the primary goal is only to tighten deep tissue and skin.

Your Recovery Period

For the first few days following surgery, you will feel some pain and soreness that can be relieved with pain medication. It is extremely important to follow the rules and guidelines put in place by your board-certified plastic surgeon to ensure a speedy recovery.

For the first few weeks following your procedure, you will need to avoid any strenuous activity including intercourse, exercising, and lifting anything over 10 pounds. Recovery time varies per patient, but you should expect to take up to three weeks off of work. Your surgeon will go over an exact timeline with you of all recovery information, guidelines, and all other information during your consultation and pre-operative appointment at CosmetiCare in Orange County.

How Will I Look & Feel Afterwards?

  • For the first few weeks, you will have tape over your incisions.
  • A compression garment will be placed on you immediately after surgery to provide good support, keep the lifted skin tight and help keep swelling down. The garment will be worn for about three to four weeks.
  • You may be allowed to shower the day after surgery, but some patients wait a couple of days.
  • Careful patting of the incision area is needed to keep the area dry.
  • A small amount of bleeding is normal within the first few days.
  • Surgical drains placed during surgery to help eliminate residual bleeding and fluid build-up will be removed after about one week.
  • Sutures are typically internal.
  • Bruising should start to fade after two to three weeks.
  • Swelling will be present for about three to four months but a dramatic difference is seen about one month after surgery.
  • You can return to work within a week to 10 days. However, it will take about a month to regain your full energy.
  • More strenuous activities should be avoided for four to six weeks.
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Five-Star Results From Award-Winning Plastic Surgeons

When it comes to your cosmetic results, we’re of the opinion that you deserve best-in-class outcomes, created in an environment that you find both welcoming and luxurious.

At CosmetiCare in Newport Beach, we’re committed to the latest techniques and the most advanced technology available, so you can look forward to results that will truly bring out your natural beauty.

When you’re ready to learn more about the surgical and non-surgical methods by which we can create your ideal results, a member of our team is standing by. Reach out to our Orange County location and set up your consultation to get started today.

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Journey to the Best You

Here’s what to expect during your surgical journey with CosmetiCare:


Discuss your options and ask any questions that you may have with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons.


Want to see your New Look Now? Virtually “try on” any procedure free-of-cost using our photo simulation tool.


Get ready to look & feel your best with one of our renowned board-certified plastic surgeons performing your surgery.


Trust our staff to guide you through the recovery process, providing tips and tools to make it as smooth as possible.

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How much does a Buttocks lift cost in Orange County?

What will my scars look like after a buttocks lift?

When will I see results from a buttocks lift?

Are the results of a buttocks lift permanent?

Does a buttocks lift restore volume?

Does insurance cover a buttocks lift?

How much does a Buttocks lift cost in Orange County?

At CosmetiCare in Newport Beach, the starting price of a buttocks lift is $13,400.

The average cost of a buttocks lift may vary depending on the amount of skin that needs to be removed, and the shape of your own body. During your consultation, one of our board-certified plastic surgeons will prescribe the perfect treatment plan and provide you with an estimate to achieve your aesthetic goals.

We also offer up to 24-month financing options to help our patients pay off the cost of their procedure over time. In just minutes, you can apply here to see what you are pre-qualified for before your consultation.

What will my scars look like after a buttocks lift?

The incision site of a buttocks lift is above the buttocks from hip to hip.

At CosmetiCare in Newport Beach, we offer different types of scar treatments to ensure that you love your results. We offer scar gel and scar strips, as well as a variety of laser treatments to help lighten and soften your scars.

When will I see results from a buttocks lift?

Results from a buttocks lift are immediate, however, optimal results will be present between four and six months after your procedure.

Are the results of a buttocks lift permanent?

The results of a buttocks lift are very long-lasting, depending on your lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is imperative in order to maintain your results.

Does a buttocks lift restore volume?

A buttock lift alone won’t add any volume to the buttocks. Often, a buttocks lift is combined with a buttocks enlargement or a Brazilian butt lift to alter the shape or size of the buttocks with implants or fat grafts.

Does insurance cover a buttocks lift?

Buttocks lifts are considered cosmetic surgery, so they are not covered by insurance.

If cost is of concern, we offer financing options to help our patients pay off the cost of their procedure over time. In just minutes, you can apply here to see what you are pre-qualified for before your consultation.

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