Can Laser Treatments Erase Tummy Tuck Scars?

If you’re getting a tummy tuck in Orange County, you can expect to have a scar. No matter whether you have the most skilled surgeon, anytime we use a scalpel for cosmetic surgery, there will be a scar to some degree.

Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to reduce the scar’s visibility. Believe it or not, what you do before your surgery is just as important as what you do while you’re recovering and afterward. 

Erasing Tummy Tuck Scars with Laser Treatments

First, let’s talk about tummy tuck scars. Scars from your procedure will vary in shape, size, and how much they fade depending on the patient. Your healing capabilities, genetics, skin tone, and other factors that you can’t control will impact the visibility of your scar.

Where Are Tummy Tuck Scars Located?

Tummy tuck scars are typically located in the lower abdomen, below the belly button. You will typically have a horizontal scare, but you may also end up with a vertical scar from the pubis to the navel, depending on which type of tummy tuck procedure you have.

Tummy Tuck Scar Shapes

Some aspects of scarring are controllable, and some are not. Every patient will heal differently. This means that the shape and dimensions of tummy tuck scars will vary from patient to patient. Your scar can look like a squiggly line or an inverted T.

Laser Treatments Can Reduce Tummy Tuck Scars

To answer our question simply, laser treatments are available to help reduce the appearance of tummy tuck scars. Vascular lasers collapse the blood vessels on the surface of the skin.

These blood vessels are responsible for causing the redness of new scars. Laser surfacing can improve both the texture and color of scars. The scarred skin is then replaced with healthy collagen.

If you’re planning to have laser treatment before you have your tummy tuck, check with your surgeon to see how long you should wait after surgery. It may require two or more laser treatments over the course of a few months to get rid of the scar.

Other Solutions to Reduce Orange County Tummy Tuck Scars

What You Can Do Before a Tummy Tuck

Select the Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon

If you want to have the least visible scar, you’ll need to find the best tummy tuck surgeons in Orange County. When selecting a surgeon, make sure to look at their portfolio and pay close attention to the tummy tucks.

This will give you an idea about their skillset and the scarring you can expect. Make sure to choose someone who is board-certified and has years of experience. You should also make sure your surgeon is someone you are comfortable with. Bedside manner matters just as much as skill!

Discuss Scarring

Before your surgery, talk to your plastic surgeon about the Newport Beach tummy tuck scarring. You can and should bring up your specific concerns and determine what your scar will likely look like. Depending on your surgery, you may have a V or U shaped scar. 

Bring the Right Clothing

You may want to bring extra underwear to your consultation so that you’ll have an idea about where the scar will be in relation to your panty line. We also recommend bringing bikini bottoms since after you’re healed from surgery, you’ll definitely want to get back into the itsy bitsy bathing suit.

Stop Smoking

Smoking can prevent your body from healing effectively, which means it can make your scar look a lot worse. If you stop smoking at least six weeks before your scheduled surgery, you can mitigate the risk of a bad scar. 

What To Do After Your Tummy Tuck

Follow Instructions

After your procedure, your surgeon will provide you with aftercare instructions. These instructions help you avoid the risk of infection and complications. Because these instructions are designed to help you heal effectively, they will ultimately help your scar heal to the best of its ability.

Some general aftercare guidelines include, 

Refraining from smokingFollowing a healthy diet with plenty of liquidsRefraining from lifting heavy items and avoiding strenuous activity for at least six weeksApplying topical vitamin EUsing sunscreenCleaning your incision daily


Surgery Solutions

Scar Revision Surgery

Scar revision surgery is an option if you would like your scar to appear closer in tone and texture to the rest of your normal skin. Your surgeon may use a combination of topical treatments, minimally invasive procedures, and surgical revision. While you will still be able to see the scar, it will be less noticeable.

Similar to laser treatment, you should always discuss how long you should after your tummy tuck procedure before having scar revision surgery. You may be advised to wait at least one year so that you can see how your scar has healed over the last 12 months.

Punch Grafts

Punch grafting is where a surgeon makes a small hole in the skin. The scar is then removed and replaced with new skin from another area of the body. Typically, the skin is taken from behind your ear for punch grafts. While you’ll still have a scar, it will be both smoother and less noticeable. 

Tummy Tuck Orange County, California: Schedule a Consultation Today

Whether you’re hoping to have a tummy tuck procedure done or you are concerned about the scar of a recent tummy tuck, it’s always best to schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeons

It’s important to take into account that a tummy tuck will leave you with a permanent scar. In most cases, the scar will be hidden underneath clothing. However, for this reason, it’s important to think about your reasons for having a tummy tuck and what results you expect.

Further, consider the tons of options there are for scar removal that can help you achieve the body you want.

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