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While it might be cooling down, summer doesn’t end in August in Southern California–and it’s ‘Beach Revival’ season at CosmetiCare. Learn more about all our treatment options to help you feel your best in your bathing suit and hit the beach like you own it one last time this year!

While it might be cooling down, summer doesn't end in August in Southern California–and it's 'Beach Revival' season at CosmetiCare. Learn more about all our treatment options to help you feel your best in your bathing suit and hit the beach like you own it one last time this year!

Tighten Your Tummy

The tummy! Either your worst nightmare or your best friend. For many, many of us–not our best friend. But fear not the tummy. CosmetiCare's doctors and nurses can help. When it comes to the treatments for the abdomen you have two main options to consider–surgical or nonsurgical.


You have two main options to consider, tummy tuck or liposuction. A tummy tuck will do more than just remove fat–loose skin will be removed and the muscle will be tightened. And liposuction can also be included. Liposuction on it's own will usually be more affordable, but possibly not as dramatic of a result.


CoolSculpting and truSculpt are the most popular non-surgical options. One works with heat, the other uses cold–but both accomplish the same thing–killing the fat cells. Neither surgical or non-surgical choices are recommended as real 'weight loss' options, so it's even more important with non-surgical treatments that you're as close to your goal weight as possible. It's not going to make you thinner overall, but CoolSculpting or truSculpt are both great options to treat problem areas.

Bump Out Your Butt

Big bootys are in and butt lifts and butt injections are growing in popularity at CosmetiCare and across the industry. American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery studies show the number of butt lift treatments in America increased by 20% from 2015 to 2016 and has risen an entire 342% since 1997.

Typically butt injections are coupled with a liposuction procedure, as the injections are made from the patient's fat harvested during liposuction. However it's not impossible to use other types of filler like Juvederm.

Butt lifts are also typically combined with other procedures like a abdominoplasty to form what many doctors refer to as a total body lift.

Shape Your Arms

Arms can be another body area that causes us unnecessary anxiety, but fear not–CosmetiCare can help here too.

An arm lift, or brachioplasty is a common surgical option. But the same non-surgical choices you have for your abdomen can also work here too.

New Look Now Can Show You How

Want to know how you'll look after your buttocks treatment? Visit our partners at New Look Now to get a completely free and remarkably accurate simulation of the results. New Look Now utilizes cosmetic experts to show you how you will look post-procedure through real-time image editing. Simply submit a photo of any area on your body that you'd like to alter and the technicians at New Look Now will deliver a precisely edited version back to you within minutes. Try New Look Now for free today!

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