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Catheryn Cervantes, CosmetiCare Ambassador, Botox

Botox for the Newbie

I want to debunk a few of the myths about Botox, share my personal experiences and let you decide for yourself without judgements. Most important piece of advise I can offer is to be sure you are treated by a skilled professional like those at CosmetiCare, it's THE only way to go.
Catheryn Cervantes
Cosmeticare Ambassador
Sharon Garofalow, Microneedling, Before and After

Microneedling Facial Treatment with PRP – Before and After

I finally tried a microneedling facial treatment with PRP at CosmetiCare! I’ve never been happy with the texture of my skin. As an ambassador for CosmetiCare, I am super lucky that I get to try out some of their treatments for free and then share the process with you. After my initial consultation, we decided that a series of microneedling appointments would really help my acne scarring. And I want to share the whole procedure with you in case you have been thinking about trying it out yourself.
Sharon Garofalow
Before and after
back fat bra bulge

5 Methods for Back Fat and Bra Bulge Removal

Getting Rid of Your Sneaky, Haunting, and Insidious Back Fat Stubborn back fat, aka Bra Bulge, is as common of a problem area as inflated lower bellies and the pervasive double chin. It’s less demonized primarily because it can hide behind our field of view while the fat buildup insidiously grows. As with many problems that aren’t directly in front of us, sneaky back fat often goes unnoticed and untreated...
Beth Jones, Acne, CosmetiCare Ambassador

Working on Healing my Acne at CosmetiCare Part 2

I have had a series of three custom facials with their expert esthetician, and if you go back and look at my skin when I started.. you can see a significant change in my skin! Seriously significant.
Beth Jones
Cosmeticare Ambassador
Mary Tran, Bikini Body, Tummy Tuck, CosmetiCare Ambassador

Bikini Body After a Tummy Tuck - Mommy Makeover Part 6

If you're following my Mommy Makeover Journey with Cosmeticare in Newport Beach, it has now been about three months since my Lipoabdominoplasty procedure (aka liposuction + tummy tuck). Looking back I really cannot complain. The transformation has been amazingly smooth, I'm almost fully healed with areas still tender to touch, and I've already been back to my regular routine and working out.
Tummy Tuck
Mary Tran
Cosmeticare Ambassador
Bikini Body
Caryn Bailey, Facial Treatments, Hyperpigmentation

Treatment Options For Hyperpigmentation

I started wearing makeup in my teen years to cover the results of normal hormonal fluctuations. Like most teens, I suffered from mild to moderate acne, and admittedly, I did not listen to those wiser than me when they said not to touch my face.
CosmetiCare Moms
Caryn Bailey
Jennifer Willey, CosmeticCare, Rhinoplasty, Surgery

Rhinoplasty: Removing The Cast And Reveal

I had a Rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Niccole at CosmetiCare, in Newport Beach, and after a week, I felt pretty good. During my pre-op appointment, I joked about hibernating at home for the first few weeks with Dr. Niccole, because I had expected major bruising and swelling. However, a week post surgery and my swelling had already decreased significantly
CosmetiCare Moms
Jennifer Willey
non surgical facial rejuvenation

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation: Injections and Lasers as Facial Savers

Facial rejuvenation is an umbrella term for all cosmetic enhancement procedures that revitalize your face by fighting the effects of aging, sun damage, acne, and other congenital issues. The primary goal of facial rejuvenation is to recreate the youthful and vibrant look that your face once had. Of course, facial rejuvenation techniques can also be used to supplement an already youthful face. Surgical procedures like facelifts, brow lifts, eyelid surgery,...


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