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Stacy Molter, Postpartum, Liposuction

What do I need to prepare for cosmetic surgery?

Congratulations! You've made the decision to have the cosmetic surgery you've always wanted to have and embark on an amazing journey to look and feel better. While this is an exciting experience to go through, you can make the best of this major lifestyle change with a few important preparations before surgery day.
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What You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

In my younger days, I sought to reduce the amount of hair on my legs with Laser Hair Removal. Technology has advanced since then, and what was once a very painful, lengthy, expensive procedure has been streamlined. Thanks to our partners at CosmetiCare, I am four weeks post Laser Hair Removal and can already see a significant reduction in the amount of hair under my arms and on my legs.
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How Liposuction changed my life

When going in for my liposuction procedure at CosmetiCare, I never knew that my life would change forever. I love myself more than ever, and more importantly, I love the way that I feel.
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Girlfriends Guide to Liposuction

So you’re thinking about have liposuction done? Curious about what the recovering is going to be like? Want to know what to expect? Six months ago, I had liposuction, and this is everything you need to know about your upcoming liposuction surgery.
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Three Tips to Manage Family Life After Liposuction

One of the biggest things I had to do before my liposuction procedure was to make plans to help manage my family life while I recovered. In my house, I did almost everything. I cleaned the house, did the laundry, dishes, and drove the kids to all their activities/school. The doctors at CosmetiCare were very honest in telling me that I would need to take it very easy following the surgery and would not be able to do any heavy lifting for at least six weeks following the surgery.
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What to Expect Six Months After Liposuction

Six months after having liposuction surgery at CosmetiCare, I felt like a completely different person. I looked different, I felt different, and I had a different outlook on life. Almost all of my swelling had gone away, and I loved how perfectly contoured by body was because of the liposuction.
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Tips for Maintaining Liposuction Results

One of the biggest struggles that I have heard from women who have had liposuction is how to maintain their results. Liposuction is a major surgery, and it can be very easy to gain back the weight removed during the procedure. These are my tips for maintaining your liposuction results.
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I was excited to learn that cosmetic surgery can also repair my c-section shelf ridding me of the loose, sagging abdominal skin that I hate so much. Learn more below about how plastic surgery can help get rid of the c-section shelf, and see if cosmetic surgery is the right solution for you.
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The Importance of Having a Healthy Diet After Liposuction

One of the most important things that the doctors at CosmetiCare talked with me about was eating a healthy diet after liposuction. During the surgery, they remove the fat cells from the areas in which you are having the liposuction done, so if you gain weight after the surgery, the fat will go to other areas where you might not want it – like your breasts, face, back or legs
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