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Benefits of Combining Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift

For many women in Orange County who want more attractive breasts, a breast augmentation by itself may not be enough. By combining procedures, and incorporating a breast lift along with a breast augmentation, your breasts will not only have more volume, but will sit higher on the chest and have a perkier appearance.

Understanding Breast Changes

Just like every other part of our bodies, the appearance of your breasts changes with age. Aging causes supportive ligaments to lose elasticity, so the entire breast droops lower on the body. This normal progression can be accelerated by other lifestyle factors, like vigorous exercise that puts added strain on breast tissue and ligaments, stretching them out faster. Changes in weight gain or loss can also impact breast tissue, and genetics play a role as well.

Breast appearance also frequently changes as a result of pregnancy and nursing. Most women’s breasts gain size during pregnancy due to hormonal fluctuations, and also as the body’s fat deposits store fuel for a healthy pregnancy. Since a pregnancy only lasts nine months, the body is forced to adapt rapidly. After childbirth, the breasts swell again to accommodate the new milk supply the body produces, at an even faster pace than the pregnancy demanded.

After weaning, breast shape and size may go back to its pre-pregnancy state, along with the rest of your body. Or, you may see lasting, permanent changes: larger breasts, smaller breasts, hanging lower or looking deflated, or just not as attractive as they used to be. Our best Cosmetic surgery can restore a fresh look to your breasts.

Lift vs. Augmentation

A breast lift and an augmentation, although they are often combined, are two very different procedures.

During an augmentation, breast implants are placed into the breast to add volume. Incisions can be made in the lower breast crease, around the areola outside the nipple, or sometimes in the armpit. The implant is placed through the incision to rest either immediately below the existing glandular tissue, or beneath the muscles. Subglandular placement often creates more cleavage and has a faster healing time, while submuscular placement has a greater longevity due to improved support that resists gravity better. Different looks can be achieved by using silicone or saline implants, which come in a selection of profiles, shapes and sizes for completely customizable results.

During a lift, the existing breast tissue is reshaped and redistributed. Excess skin is removed, and the surrounding tissue is tightened to grant extra support to the improved breast contour. The nipple is often repositioned during a breast lift as well, and the areola can be reduced. The results of a breast lift will leave you with a youthful, uplifted profile without the need for implants. However, breast lift surgery won’t add volume to your existing breasts.

Combining Forces

Although breast augmentation and breast lifts are frequently performed separately, many Orange County women will choose to combine procedures for more comprehensive results. Implants are added for extra volume, while existing breast tissue is lifted and reshaped to complement the implants. The end result? Breasts that are higher and fuller, giving women an uplifted and more generous profile all at the same time.

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your breasts and wonder whether a breast lift or breast augmentation is the right procedure for you or if you're wondering does breast implants affect nipple sensitivity, please don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation. Working closely with the teams at our Newport Beach location, we can discuss a breast enhancement treatment plan that’s designed to fully meet your individual appearance goals.

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