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Advancements in Liposuction

When we first opened the doors of our plastic surgery practice in Orange County, liposuction was still fairly new on the scene. In the decades since then, it’s been very exciting to see the new technological advancements in this procedure. The end result to our patients is a safer procedure with less recovery time and more satisfying results. The fact is that liposuction remains one of the best options for many women and men who want a toned and sculpted silhouette.

Different Techniques for Different Patients

In the early days of lipo, there were several areas of the body that were difficult to treat effectively. Surgical tools and methods were quite different. With new advances, even the most difficult fat deposits may now be removed with less surgical time and a smoother, more flattering outcome. For example, ultrasonic-assisted liposuction gives us the ability to break up and liquefy fatty areas with less trauma to surrounding, healthy tissue. This means greater comfort for our patients along with more predictable sculpting results. We also perform power-assisted liposuction, another advancement over the traditional technique.

Smooth and Sculpted

As we tell all our Orange County liposuction patients, this procedure is never a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Lipo is not an alternative to weight loss. However, for those patients who are already physically active and eating right, yet still have a few stubborn fat deposits, liposuction can be the answer. In fact, quick liposuction can enhance the results of a healthful diet and steady exercise regimen, as the fat currently hiding your true shape is removed to reveal the toned muscles beneath.

Combined Results

One of our patients’ favorite aspects of liposuction is the procedure’s ability to contribute to an overall smoother look. It is easily combined with other cosmetic surgeries for a complete body makeover. Lipo can enhance everything from a breast reduction to a tummy tuck; the end result will pack a much greater punch than either procedure performed on its own. So many cosmetic procedures are designed to slim the appearance that adding liposuction will naturally enhance the results of almost any other body contouring procedure.

Long-Term Results

Many patients think that lipo, similar to a fad diet, produces only temporary results. In reality, liposuction permanently removes fat cells from the treated areas. Once removed, the fat deposits will not grow back. This can make liposuction an ideal solution for the patient who, for example, easily puts on weight in his or her abdomen. Once fat cells have been removed from the area, the patient will be less likely to gain weight there again, though of course it remains important for patients to continue to live a healthy lifestyle after the procedure to maximize their results.

For Your Health

Cosmetic surgery isn’t just about how you look on the outside. So many of us shy away from certain activities and experiences because we’re self-conscious about how we look. Procedures like liposuction can open new doors to a healthier lifestyle. You’re likely to have more self-confidence, which leads to more positive feelings about your life. And any doctor will tell you that reducing your stress is mandatory to maintain good physical and mental health. Through liposuction and other cosmetic procedures, the professionals at CosmetiCare can reshape your appearance to reveal a happier, healthier you.

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