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By Liz Cerezo

Wow, seeing those pictures is such an eye opener, huh? My face was huge, back in May. Can you see the difference on how low my fatness under my chin hangs in May vs. August?

It’s been  while since I’ve updated you all with a Kybella update. Okay, here’s my current situation. I’m currently recovering from my 3rd Kybella treatment. It’s been almost 2 weeks since I had it done for the third time and I’m still swollen. So, unfortunately, there will be no update for the 3rd and final treatment, for at least another 2-4 weeks. But, there is still some news and updates about the treatment.
If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, then you know about my trips to CosmetiCare, if you don’t follow, then… hint hint! I still can’t believe I’ve had three treatments done already. Have I seen a difference? Can you tell? Well, let’s take a look!
In this blog post, you can read about my first Kybella treatment, you’ll find videos from the very first treatment I had to the 1 month update, post 1st treatment.  There’s lots of information there if you want to take a look.  Okay, now for the good stuff.
In this video, you’ll be able to see the whole treatment done. From the numbing process to the actual needle pricks. Yes!! You can see how the actual Kybella treatment is done at CosmetiCare in Newport Beach.
Take a look: 
The second treatment, the actual injection process was SO painful. I didn’t take Advil before I got to the clinic and OH BOY, I had no idea that made such a difference with the pain. If you’re thinking about getting Kybella or you’re about to go in for your treatment, I highly recommend taking some Advil first. Trust me.  On the other hand, the recovery this time around was WAY more easier than the first time. I mean, there’s absolutely no comparison. The swelling was minimal, there was no bruising, the pain and discomfort was almost non-existent.  It was wonderful.
In this video, I talk about my update after having 2 Kybella treatments. And after the video, you can see come pictures:
I did the videos via the new Instagram stories and my whole story got jumbled up, so I had to come home and edit. Still, the outcome is pretty good! Check out my pictures:
Wow, seeing those pictures is such an eye opener, huh? My face was huge, back in May. Can you see the difference on how low my fatness under my chin hangs in May vs. August? I freaking LOVE Kybella.
Well, there will be more updates as my swelling goes down and hopefully the new and improved me will finally be revealed. I am so excited.


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