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Patient Testimonial: Troy

I just wanted to share the experience I had at Cosmeticare with Dr. Von Maur and staff.

My name is Troy and I’m a 45 year old male. In 2010 I had a non-health related life changing event that made me the person I am today. In 2010 I was 100 lbs overweight. Being a tall guy at 6’3 I was able to hide the weight pretty well, but growing up as an athlete I always knew I was going down the wrong path and understood that the more weight I gained the harder it would be to come off. I was not happy with my appearance of having the extra weight so I knew a change was needed. I got back to the basics and 4 years later I dropped and kept off that 100 lbs.

I came to Dr. Von Maur after visiting 3 other plastic surgeons in search of liposuction in the abdominal area and Male Pec implants. I have been researching the procedures for over a year so I knew what was expected. Not only was Cosmeticare the nicest of all the facilities I visited (I mean come on their office is overlooking the beautiful Newport Harbor) but the energy from the staff from the moment you walk in was incredible. Being a male I must admit I was a bit nervous inquiring about these procedures, but that uncomfortableness was immediately lifted the moment I walked in the doors of cosmeticare.

My consultation was with Denise (Patient Coordinator). I can’t say enough about her! She was immediately able to read my personality, understood my needs/wants, and her combination of professionalism/down to earth nature is such a great mix. Thank You Denise

During the consultation is when I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Von Mauer. Nothing but 1st class professionalism without the attitude. He was so easy to connect with. We went over all my options and left the decision up to me. Unlike the other 3 plastic surgeons I met with in which I felt like I was buying a used car. Here at Cosmeticare they are happy to work with you but at the same time there is never any added pressure.

A couple days later I scheduled the appointment. A week prior to my appointment was my pre-op appointment where I got to meet my new friend Annette (Medical Assistant). This was just icing on the cake. She immediately made me feel at ease. It was almost like talking with someone I have known for years. Thank You Annette for all you do and did for me!!!

Now back to the 1st paragraph. The reason I wrote that is to explain this. After losing the weight I still had the issue with abdominal area therefore the liposuction was much needed to get me where I want to be. As far as the Pec Implant. My whole adult life I never had any definition in my chest. Again being a Big/Tall guy this was always something I was missing and wanting. Being a college athlete I had some of the best personal trainers and we would concentrate on my chest and yet still never received any growth or definition. I can’t tell you how many thousands of push-up’s, fly’s and bench-press exercises I have done over the years

Well here I am 1 week after surgery. The transformation has been incredible. I finally have a chest that matches my body mass. My close friends and family can’t believe how natural, defined and masculine they look. My abdominal area looks amazing too and these full results are still another 6 months away.

Thank You Dr. Von Mauer and Staff for making me complete. I couldn’t be happier with my results and looking forward to getting back in the gym. If you ever get a male patient asking to talk to any of your Male Pec implant successes, feel free to give them my information.


Dr. Burr von Maur