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Patient Testimonial: Tisha

Dr. von Maur is a magician. He healed my broken breast. It was ripping from it's pocket and muscle. He went into an emergency surgery and removed my left implant which was ripping from it's pocket and he sealed the ripped skin and made the breast look as normal as possible while healing the pain from the tearing.

He saved me and my breast looked as normal as possible. He healed my pain and fixed my look. He healed me mentally and emotionally on top of the pain and ugly breast that was in pain.

I love him and appreciate all his help and how caring and attentive he was to my needs. It was one of the scariest days of my life and he made it a breeze and alleviated all my pain as best and as quickly as he could.  

Screenshot of Dr. Von Maur Review from Breast Implant Removal Surgery Case #1003594
Dr. Burr von Maur
Breast Implant Removal