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Patient Testimonial: S.R.

Visiting 3 different clinics for consultation before I made a final decision what obvious was who to chose. Dr. Von Maur was not only helpful in recommendations for my procedure, size choice etc. but he was also so easy to talk to and made every visit from first, surgery and follow-ups so amazingly comfortable. Of course the good reviews of his experiences and work was a great match, but to make half naked visits feel "normal" is a gift and comes from a great personality, and not from any education.

I'm so incredibly happy with the results of my breast and I can say to everybody how much I recommend this place, but in the end of the day, that I'm so happy I will come back for more - says it all. Of course, all the other staff is the same, and that they remember conversations that you had 6 months ago, also tells how personally they must take their job. Thank you! See you soon again. 

Screenshot of Dr. von Maur Patient Review from Breast Implant Exchange Surgery | Case #1004528
Dr. Burr von Maur
Breast Implant Exchange