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Patient Testimonial: Shawna

I couldn't be happier with my decision to get a breast augmentation over 6 years ago, and I couldn't imagine a better doctor than Dr. Niccole. After 5 other consultations with 5 other doctors, Dr. Niccole ultimately made me feel the most comfortable and at ease. The office is clean and beautiful, with amazing consultants and staff. I especially loved having my surgery done on site so there was a calm sense of familiarity on the big day, it didn't feel like a cold, sterile hospital. Dr. Niccole's experience is what got me to the exact result I wanted and I would recommend anyone I could to at least get a free consult and experience it yourself if you are looking for clean, friendly & knowledgeable doctor and office! Thanks Dr. Niccole smiley xoxo

Breast Augmentation Surgery Review for Dr. Niccole | Case #23715
Dr. Michael Niccole
Breast Augmentation