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Patient Testimonial: Sharlene

First off I would like to say "I'm in love" not only with my "New" body, but with how I feel as a new woman. I couldn't be any happier with what Dr. Von Maur has helped me achieve for my body, I had a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck (AKA "Mommy Makeover"). When I met him for the first time he listened to what I wanted and helped me understand what I needed. I would also like to say the staff is all amazing! All the ladies are very considerate and caring of your needs and listen to what you're feeling and hoping to accomplish. I am so happy I chose Dr. Von Maur for such a big job! But after speaking with him and listening to him I knew he could create the body I longed to have back. Overall I feel better and I have more self-confidence in myself. That's all I ever really wanted from this outcome and of course to feel great in clothes again! Thank you again Dr. Von Maur for his artistry in his cosmetic surgery! Thank you to his wonderful staff (Love all the ladies)... I will definetly come back for anything I may need in the future! I'm sending anyone who is for cosmetic surgery to Dr. Von Maur! Thank you so much!

Dr. Burr von Maur
Breast Augmentation