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Patient Testimonial: Samantha

Saying thank you hardly seems enough for what you have given me. My tummy tuck (done over 5 years ago) is still holding and I still look like a teenager! My CO2 (face) took 10 years off.. but the most important surgery you've performed is my reconstructive breast surgery and I came to you with one breast augmentation normal but the right breast standing straight up - even while my body laid flat down!! Although on the outside I looked normal I knew my breast were not! After you did your magic on my breast I can now wear clothes that make feel pretty. My cleavage is unspeakably attractive and I feel so much self-esteem that I could conquer anything! Your staff took such incredible care of me from the day I walked into your office for the first time! So Dr. Niccole with all the respect and love I have and from the bottom of my heart - I love you and I know God gave you your gift because some of us need that extra lift of confidence! Your amazing heart

Screenshot of Dr. Niccole Patient Review from Breast Implant Exchange Surgery | Case #24432
Dr. Michael Niccole
Breast Implant Exchange