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Patient Testimonial: N.T.

I came in feeling pretty down about how I looked. The constant turmoil in me had taken a clear toll on my face. I looked tired and my eyes appeared very sunken and cheeks were almost non-existent. But Dr. Niccole changed all of that. I had tried a different surgeon for fat transfer but the results were very minimal! I wasted time and money going to someone based on a referral.

Dr. Niccole fixed the botched surgery and more. I asked for my eyes and cheeks to be the focus, but he did more than that. He saw my whole face and modified based on his expertise. Oh boy was I surprised. I barely recognized myself but in a fantastic way. After the surgery not only did I look fabulous I felt that way as well. I didn't realize that I had also been depressed. But not afterwards. I am forever indebted to him. I love that he cares about me as a person and not just a paycheck.

Dr. Niccole rocks! Period! Point blank!



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Dr. Michael Niccole
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