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Patient Testimonial: Nichole

I came to Dr. Niccole in 2010 for breast augmentation revision and I couldn't have made a better choice! I originally had a breast augmentation in 2002 and was talked into a smaller size that I wanted and a sub-glandular placement, which did not look good and I was never happy with. I began searching for another doctor years later without much luck. Most of the other doctors either were not confident they could fix my breast or flat out refused my case. Then I found Dr. Niccole. He helped me feel like it was possible to fix me. He helped me and performed a breast augmentation revision and changed placement from sub-glandular to sub-muscular placement and I could not be happier with the results! I frequently get compliments from other women that tell me that they want my breast! I love to tell them about Dr. Niccole and how wonderful he is!
Thank you Dr. Niccole!! 
Screenshot of Dr. Niccole Review from Bilateral Capsulectomy Surgery Case #27693
Dr. Niccole
Bilateral Capsulectomy