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Patient Testimonial: M.W.

I have been part of the "Cosmeticare Family" since 2002! It's hard to believe that I have been enjoying my implants since December 10, 2002! 

When I first met Dr. Niccole I felt comfortable. His answers to my questions were both knowledgeable and caring and it made it easy for me to make a decision to have a breast augmentation.

The procedure was uncomplicated and everyone took care of me professionally while I was healing. Dr. Niccole, his staff and the surgical center all helped to make my recovery very rapid!

I was teaching dance and pilates before I went in for my procedure and the downtime before I could return was about 6 weeks. I continue to teach and am still very happy with the look and feel of my implants!

My confidence and self-esteem has grown through the years and I must say that enhancing my breast has contributed greatly to that!

Thank you Dr. Niccole and Cosmeticare for being part of my life! smiley

Breast Augmentation Surgery Review for Dr. Niccole | Case #13048
Dr. Michael Niccole
Breast Augmentation