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Patient Testimonial: Melanie

Where do I begin to express how much I love Dr. Niccole and his entire staff. I came to Dr. Niccole 22 years ago to have my breast implants done.. I wanted to have them replaced with the latest Gummy implants. I returned to Dr. Niccole 22 years later not only to have my implants done but also to have a scar removed from my tummy. Dr. Niccole not only redid my implants but he also removed my scar and did an amazing job. I couldn't have been happier with the results than I am. My family and friends all think the same as I do. Dr. Niccole is an amazing doctor (surgeon).

Screenshot of Dr. Niccole Review from Adominoplasty, Breast Implant Exchange Surgery Case #1006620
Dr. Niccole
Breast Implant Exchange