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Patient Testimonial: Marla

I chose Dr. Von Maur for my first breast implants nine years ago and I told myself I will never use another surgeon other than Dr. Von Maur. Nine years later, I came back for a breast lift and new silicone implants, replacing the saline.

Immediately after the surgery I could tell the difference and knew how successful my surgery was. The surgical team in the OR is extremely diligent in their knowledge, patient preparation, making sure you are comfortable and prepared. The facility has the best equipment, staff and very professional.

Dr. Von Maur's skillful hands and wonderful bedside manner give you great confidence and comfort. I know he will always do an amazing job. I didn't want that look of just having a "boob job". I look very natural and refreshed. No one will know you had surgery, they'll just tell you how great you look!

Thank you Dr. Von Maur! XO

Screenshot of Dr. Von Maur Review from Breast Implant Exchange Surgery l Case #37989
Dr. Burr von Maur
Breast Implant Exchange