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Patient Testimonial: Kristen

At twenty years old I found myself at 351 lbs. After two years dedicated to weight loss I achieved 180 lbs. lost but still had loose skin. Gaining and losing over 100 lbs. took an extreme toll on my body and spirit. After searching for the right doctor to help me finish my weight loss journey I found Dr. Niccole. Dr. Niccole along with his highly professional and friendly staff offered me so much encouragement. After a tough and rewarding three months of recovery I find myself a second home at Cosmeticare. I could not have achieved this level of self confidence without each member of Cosmeticare. Forever in debt to you!

Breast Augmentation Surgery Review for Dr. Niccole | Case #1003302
Dr. Michael Niccole
Breast Augmentation
Facial Liposuction