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Patient Testimonial: Kelly

I have been Dr. Niccole's patient for 13 years now. After my first set of implants 12 years ago, it was time for a removal and replacements. Now, it wasn't so easy to just take the old ones out and put the new ones in my body made it extra challenging for Dr. Niccole. However, he made sure I knew he wouldn't give up until I was happy. And I'm very happy with my results.
Thank you to the staff and to Dr. Niccole for creating the breast I always wanted.
heartNo they aren't real. but they are REALLY minesmileyheart
*There is no better doctor to create/fix/enhance whatever it it you want!
Thank you Dr. Niccole and Staff at Cosmeticare!
Screenshot of Dr. Niccole Review from Breast Implant Exchange Surgery Case #12374
Dr. Michael Niccole
Breast Implant Exchange