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Patient Testimonial: Kathryn

I had previously broken my nose about three years ago. My nose was crooked and my breathing was severely impaired. I work in the legal profession and my inability to breath was causing me migraines and hearing problems. When I came to see Dr. Niccole I was very happy with the pleasant and caring staff. I was happy with Dr. Niccole's interpretation and vision of how my nose should look, as well as his recommendations for improving my breathing. After the surgery I could not tell you how ecstatic I was that I could breath! Immediate, immediate results! No more migraines and hearing was perfect! Of course my nose was swollen and hard to envision the final shape. Today, a month later, the shape is beautiful. It is no longer crooked and looks much more refined. I am so happy with my results in both appearance as well as function and am flooded with compliments from friends and family. Thank you Dr. Niccole

NSR Surgeon Review Case #1003635
Dr. Michael Niccole
Nasal Septal Reconstruction (NSR)