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Patient Testimonial: Kassarah

In April of 2016, Dr. Von Maur performed a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation on me. The day of my procedure. I was very very very nervous - hysterical, to be honest. Dr. Von Maur sat with me and went over exactly what my hopes and expectations of the surgery were and comforted me until I was calmed down and relaxed. The nurses that helped me the day of the surgery were very kind and helpful. The night after my surgery I experienced a lot of discomfort and my husband called Dr. Von Maur to see if he could give me anything more to subside the discomfort - it was 9pm on a Saturday night and not only did Dr. Von Maur answer my husbands call to spoke with him for 15mins and made sure I was okay. My nose looked amazing after a week and has only gotten more beautiful since then. I am now two months out and very pleased with the results of both procedures. I met with 7 other surgeons before I found Dr. Von Maur, after our first consult I knew without a doubt he was the surgeon I wanted to have perform my breast augmentation and rhinoplasty - Best decision I ever made!

Screenshot of Dr. Von Maur Review from Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty Surgery l Case #1008000
Dr. Von Maur
Breast Augmentation