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Patient Testimonial: Karen

Dr. von Maur did my nose and breasts. I used to be so self conscious about both. My nose was big and I always thought people were staring when I was talking to them. It caused so much distraction for me that I became socially awkward and anxious. Now, after the surgery and healing I never think about it! Dr. von Maur really cares about making his patients look good. He wanted to know what I wanted by sharing pictures and doing everything he could to make it match. My self-esteem has sky rocketed. He helped me feel safe and comfortable for both surgeries. They both feel like I was born with them and I couldn't be happier! His prices are even reasonable. I won't go to anyone else for this stuff. It's a huge liability and he's the only one I trust. Thanks von Maur! 

Dr. Burr von Maur
Breast Augmentation