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Patient Testimonial: Julie M.

Dear Dr. Von Maur,

I was nervous and a little apprehensive about getting my scar corrected, it was a huge deal for me and I was very self-conscious about the scar. It was really ugly.

Dr. Von Maur was the only surgeon I wanted to see, as I had seen him 13 years prior for breast augmentation. To say you and your team are amazing is an understatement. They are professional and friendly and made me feel so comfortable before and after surgery. Dr. Von Maur spent a lot of time with me going over everything I needed to be prepared for surgery and I never felt rushed.

I am extremely happy with my decision to use you and so thrilled how my abdomen looks. It's so sexy.

Thank you again and I will be back for something in my near future!

Screenshot of Dr. Von Maur Review from Abdominoplasty and Liposuction Surgery l Case #1024226
Dr. Von Maur